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When to use British or European Slang

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Picture it, you’re at your desk. Your fingers are flying over the keys, you are writing the wittiest crap of your life. The characters are fully dimensional, your story just perfect. Except one thing, that you’ve been trying to deny. One of your characters is not American! dun dun dunnnnnnn….

You researched slang that the British use, you are now armed with knowledge on what to use in a situation. Instead of having your character say eraser you have your character say rubber. Instead of shoot you have your character say bollocks. You’ve nailed it! And then you have your character say something like. “I’m out on the pull tonight”. The average American, who isn’t a anglophile, would have no idea what that meant. So, this average person who picks up your book would throw it away. “I don’t understand!!” 

That is a bummer, cause your book was GREAT! So the question begs, how much and when should you use real slang? Continue reading

Hopeless Romantic or just a Yuppie?


One of my favorite movies is “Love Actually.” While the entire movie is just one big giant hug, I have to say the one story that sticks out for me is the one between Juliet (played by Keria Knightly) and Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln).

There is something so heartbreaking and romantic about his feelings for her. While we may never know if his feelings were reciprocated we do know that it must be hard for Mark to even be friends with his best mate! (since he is married to Juliet!) Continue reading

Top 10 books EVERY Aspiring Writer Should Read!


As a writer you should do a fair amount of reading. A mixture really. Reading helps you in many ways. By reading you can expand your vocabulary, become inspired, learn how to create a mind blowing paragraph or see an example on how a story is put together.

With a millions of books out there it is hard to figure out where to start. Classics? Modern? Biographies? it doesn’t matter. I lean more towards the literature books. Why? It seems to draw me in. It makes me think and make connections. For instance, though I don’t list it, a lot of Shakespeare’s work is very relevant to day. JUST AS THEY ARE! Continue reading

History is 51 Shades of Grey

History Is 51Shades of Grey (1).png

If you are anything like me then you have a fascination with History. You love all aspects of it, and you try to absorb as much of it as you can. Especially your own history.  For me, both World Wars were major in my families lives.  Needless to say, if it weren’t for some miracle intervening I wouldn’t be here.

Knowing this and knowing how difficult and horrible World War II was for EVERYONE, I am afraid of a new book I have been working on. It is near and dear to my heart and takes place in Paris during the Nazi Occupation. The problem that I am having is I do not want to make it seem as though I am not doing justice to the Jewish Genocide or the French Oppression.

My goal is simply to write a touching story about love.

Here is a little insight. Continue reading

Someday, A short Short.


Cindy &Alexander.png


When I’m gone I want to be remembered. Not for something amazing that I did, or something I might have said. No! I want to be remembered as the girl who broke hearts and lived life to the fullest and dreamed big.

I don’t care if the world knows my name I just want to know that one man loved me as hard as possible that it hurt him. I want to know that my name was etched on his heart, carved out by nine-inch nails. I want the letters so deeply etched on him that no other woman’s love will ever compare to mine. Continue reading

Ways to Overcome Discouragement

the big game '19.png

There are times when you are working on something so incredibly brilliant, you are giddy with joy about writing it. The moment you finish it you want to deliver it to your audience and hear all about their reactions. You want to hear the joy and praise from your audience. You read your article, read it again, and after you hit the post button you read it again. Finally satisfied with what you wrote you wait. And you wait. You wait for the audience to flock to the genius article, story or whatever and reflect on what you wrote. Continue reading