Previews-do they help or hurt you?


You are in the middle of writing an awesome story/poem or detailed paragraph(whatever). You are so excited about what you wrote that you just have to share it before you are ready, before the actual print is ready, before anything is ready. So perhaps you choose a quote one of your characters said that you are particularly proud of.

You post it everywhere.

Sharing is intimate, so you naturally want to share it with those who follow you. Those who you like to think of as your fans. Continue reading

Sex on the Brain? Should it be apart of your story?


So you are in the middle of the next great American novel. Your fingers are flying over your keys with lightening-like speed. Your piece is the perfect blend of fiction and reality. Then bam! Your main character runs into someone that knocks them on their butt. As a writer, you welcome the challenge but then you don’t anticipate what is ahead. As the story and intimacy grow you soon realize that your characters are gearing up to take the pledge and I don’t mean marriage.

I am talking about the two back beast, my friends. AKA sex. Continue reading

Christina says things

Happy Easter friends.

As I gear up to watch my guilty pleasure “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” I  am finding how glad  I am that the last 40 days of lent are over. They were hard on me, but they were also a time of reflection. I imagine that was the intent when Lent was inflicted upon us. Whether you are religious or not I find that reflection is never a bad thing. And while I use prayer to guide me through The last 40 days, you can always turn to other things. Classical music for one, or even nature. Just experiencing life and figuring our what is special or important to you is a kind of reflection.

So, again as I am now enjoying a Dr. Pepper. I can say that I feel more centered. And for some that may be a good thing, for me, that is an awesome thing.

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Until next time!


Multiple Stories? Handle them like a boss!

Mutlipe stories-.png

Keeping your stories straight is simple right? Especially when you have a solid outline, a notebook full of character bios and backgrounds. Or that notebook chalk full of backstories and side stores. You know everything about everyone of your characters, forwards and backwards. Hell you are so organized that you can keep things straight with Game of Thrones!


I think I might have made myself laugh a bit too hard.

Let’s get back to reality. You don’t make outlines or work story lines out in a notebook. You jot random ideas and post sticky notes inside your thick overflowing notebook when you can’t find your notebook to write an idea down. Or you’re desperate for a bookmark. Continue reading





He is a beast.

He frightens me to my core

I feel as though I might come apart.

There is something inside of him, something that has come unraveled.

He smiles from behind his long hair and shaggy beard. His blue eyes shine bright through the sadness that haunts him.

I reach out to touch his cheek, only in my dreams.

I do not know what his skin feels like. I am only familiar with the heat he emits.

This man, this best of a man looks unraveled.

His long hair, overgrown beard and ink stained clothing.

What has happened to him?
Why is he a shell of the great man I heard about when I was little?
He talks of war. The American Revolution.

He talks of our revolution.

He drinks, curses and roars in the night.

My fear deepens my curiosity

The more he frightens me the more I need to know.

The longer I stay here, I fear, the more I will become unraveled like him.

Until next time!

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Even in the darkest places one can find the light. This is a story of two people from two different worlds.

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When to use British or European Slang

When to use.png

Picture it, you’re at your desk. Your fingers are flying over the keys, you are writing the wittiest crap of your life. The characters are fully dimensional, your story just perfect. Except one thing, that you’ve been trying to deny. One of your characters is not American! dun dun dunnnnnnn….

You researched slang that the British use, you are now armed with knowledge on what to use in a situation. Instead of having your character say eraser you have your character say rubber. Instead of shoot you have your character say bollocks. You’ve nailed it! And then you have your character say something like. “I’m out on the pull tonight”. The average American, who isn’t a anglophile, would have no idea what that meant. So, this average person who picks up your book would throw it away. “I don’t understand!!” 

That is a bummer, cause your book was GREAT! So the question begs, how much and when should you use real slang? Continue reading