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Life demands to be original, even if you fight it. People can only push you and mold you for so long before you rebel. When you do rebel that is when life whispers to you, and you live.
Aveline Bennett has always done what her dad asks her. She became a nurse, bought a house, and never dated anyone he didn’t approve of.
Then three English boys come into her life and mix things up. One offers a comfortable friendship, one her father would approve of. The other offers her freedom that she has never experienced before. Soon Aveline is finding herself living a life she never imagined she could live. Is it everything she dreamed of or expected? And will it last?


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Up until now Harper thought she had her life mapped out. She didn’t need a boyfriend, or love. Having been denied it for so long she wasn’t going to look for it either. Until she meets the enchanting Dorian Blackwood. When he gets too close, she fights not to push him away. Knowing his secret, and feeling more then she bargains for, now all she wants is to be his everything.




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Two years ago, Alison walked away from writing and producing songs with Man Of Mystery. Detoxed from drugs she is now looking for a second chance, but the studio has other ideas. Can she get back in with the band she loved so much? Can she really be over Chad? Is there any way she can regain what she lost?


Available on Amazon!

Vicky has been struggling ever since she lost her baby. Taking a whirlwind trip to Australia might just be the answer she has been looking for.
Sam has been broken since he lost his parents almost three years ago. He is still afraid to pick up the pieces and rebuild his life, until he meets Vicky.

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