Coming Up with an Idea

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Being creative is one thing. Sometimes it is the only thing. Other times it is not enough. When you come up with a book idea it is almost like a flash of lighting. You have to write it down or summarize it as fast as you can. When you actually sit down to write it, you almost go through this purging process. So when you finish, it is literally like you have given birth.

So what do you do after you’ve purged?  Continue reading

Are you talented or wasting your time?

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Ah the age old question.

Am I talented enough? Should I be writing?

Self doubt loves to creep in when you are at your most strongest and when you are at your weakest. It is one of the reasons we are so vulnerable. Writing is an intimate process that requires you to really open yourself up to the masses. The same people who will pick apart your work and either love it or hate it.

While we all know that you can’t please everyone, you can at least make someone smile.

But how do you know you are talented?

Well, the first question you should be asking is “Do I believe in me?”

If your answer is no, then no you are not talented. You have to believe in yourself before you can become the better version of you!

I believe it was John Travolta who ventured into acting/flying because they were fun. (watched some interview a long time ago) He even learned German cause it was just like English and it was easy. Now, there is no denying the man can cut a rug, but acting? For me he has improved over the years, starting in Pulp Fiction, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t act before. See, the secret behind John is that he has always believed in himself. He believed he could so he did.


And so can you!

Until next time.

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Inspiration from Linkin Park

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logo is from Linkin Park

When I was writing “Alison’s Man of Mystery” all of my inspiration came from Linkin Park. Specifically from the albums “Minutes to Midnight” and “Hybrid Theory.”

One song in particular “Given Up” off of the album “Minutes to Midnight” really inspired me to write this scene.  Continue reading

Traveling Girl


As many of you know I have been out and about. This week I traveled to San Francisco to finish up a few things at the French Consulate.

Even though I am not a huge fan of San Francisco, I was presently surprised with the the people that I met. The city was busy, as expecting. Many people jetting off to work, others sitting in the coffee shop answering emails, catching up with friends or getting credit counseling. Yes, the coffee shop I sat in had a bank in it! Despite the fact that I was in the business district it made me a little nervous. Ha! Continue reading

Taking a Break

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Hey guys!

You may not be aware of this but I am in the middle of getting my bachelor’s degree, which is why I’ve been seriously flaking on the blog!

Currently, I am studying my butt off for a state test. (All of you please do a lucky dance, or feed me positive energy to help me pass! pretty please!)

Anyway, until about July 3rd I will be taking sometime to focus on just that, and the other several tests I need to study for. UGH!

In the mean time feel free to leave me wonderful PM’s or emails or comments letting me know your progress or questions. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can!


Until next time!


PS. I am heading to San Francisco next month for something special to me, and you bet your bottom dollar I’ll share my journey with you!

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