Coming Up with an Idea

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Being creative is one thing. Sometimes it is the only thing. Other times it is not enough. When you come up with a book idea it is almost like a flash of lighting. You have to write it down or summarize it as fast as you can. When you actually sit down to write it, you almost go through this purging process. So when you finish, it is literally like you have given birth.

So what do you do after you’ve purged? 

You have to come up with another idea. It is now time to come up with the other parts of a book. Such as a title, dedication, summary, etc.

As if writing wasn’t hard enough.

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So what is the best way to come up with a creation and get it out there , all while managing yourself like a boss? That answer has been given many times over in the past. To summarize, make an outline. To give an even better idea, make yourself a checklist. While you are writing your book create a model that you need to follow. Use a cork board or a computer program or even a portfolio like document. Whatever interests you. Follow your own instructions to the smallest detail.

You can also use this idea to help market yourself. Do some research on what you’ve noticed works for others. If you are using social media make not of the hashtags or groups that others are using. Make sure you also pay it forward.

The purpose is to help you keep your ideas, and grow them. It isn’t enough to be struck with a perfect idea. As with anything you have to nourish it. Which sadly, makes coming up with the idea easy.

What are some ways you come up with ideas and help them to grow? Do you use an outline or do you use something else?


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One thought on “Coming Up with an Idea

  1. I hear everything in my head and then I see this enormous picture with everything completed. If I don’t have access to the recording function on my phone, I’m in trouble, because I’ll lose everything. Sometimes it’s while I’m laying down at night and I don’t want to wake or sit up and write everything down. The ideas do come, I just have to do the work to get it all written down. Thank you for inspiring me today!

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