Will you ever be an “Author”?

will you ever be an author-

The answer is yes.

If you look back at all the writers, and authors or whatever names you want to call yourself, you see a common theme. Not only is there good writing, though I am sure some famous writings are up for debate on quality, but there is also something else about the author.

Often when I look at other writer’s work I wonder what is so different about them? Do you ever wonder that?

When reading another author’s work sometimes makes the writing me feel like Jane Austin. Not to judge but that is the thought that crosses my mind. Does that ever cross your mind?

And it makes me wonder. Why can’t I get noticed? Why am I not published yet?

The answer is this, this person is a Britney Spears. What does that mean? It means they knew how to sell themselves, they knew their market.

There was an episode on “Girls” where Hannah goes through the same situation. Though she wasn’t putting as much effort into her work as she should have, she did experience the pain of someone less talented then her getting published. Hannah did write essays and do readings, but that was about it. Where as her friend from college knew how to push her work. Is there some magic spell? No.

So now begs the question does the writing really matter? Does the story?

As long as the audience connects with the characters, no. The writing could be full of grammar error and still be a success. (by crappy writing I do not mean that the story plot is utter poo, I mean there are some spelling issues, grammar, basically unpolished.)

If you need proof go to where you buy books and take a gander.

As a fan of the Sookie Waterhouse books, the writing after the fifth book started to stale out. Was that a reflection on the writer? No, I think it just means she was tired of Sookie. Then there is “Fifty Shades of Grey.” While I think the story is a good one, the writing could have been better. Yet, it was not only a commercial success but they also turned into a movie.

Untitled design.png

Does that mean I’m author bashing or trying to put down works of art. No, what I am trying to do is explain that if these can be a success so can you. It does take a little work, and I believe the first step is calling yourself a writer. Next you should visualize your level of success. Then decide on how much work you want to put in to achieve it. Make sure you ponder if you want to have J.K. Rowling type of success or Gail Carriger?

Remember how many times “Harry Potter” was turned down? I am sure she was deterred from pursuing her dream a time or two.  Don’t let rejections stop you from pushing through. As the British would say, “Onward and Forward.”

While Rowling gained world wide success, Gail(one of my favorite authors), has busted her independent butt off and has rightfully earned her success in many countries! As an indie author I’d say she is a great example of someone who carved her own path.

So what are you waiting for, don’t be a Hannah! Be a Britney and get your work noticed.

As Britney would say, “You better work!”


Until next time!


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