Inspiration from Linkin Park

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logo is from Linkin Park

When I was writing “Alison’s Man of Mystery” all of my inspiration came from Linkin Park. Specifically from the albums “Minutes to Midnight” and “Hybrid Theory.”

One song in particular “Given Up” off of the album “Minutes to Midnight” really inspired me to write this scene. 

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Through out my entire high school, college and even now, Linkin Park has been such an inspiration, an emotional support that I needed, and helped me deal with things that I suppressed for so long. (Still suppress). That is why I am sharing with you this little cut from “Alison’s Man Of Mystery.” To show just how much Linkin Park means to me, and how much I appreciated all the band members, especially Chester Bennington.  I pray that he finds peace and is finally pain free. I know from how he touched my life, yes even I was a fan of his other band “Death by Sunrise,” that the world (at least mine) was a little brighter with Chester Bennington. He will be missed!

image is from Billboard Mag

I know my little passage isn’t worthy of a tribute, it is only a reflection of how they inspired me and continue to inspire me.

Alison’s Man of Mystery:

The stage was round and dark black, and the sides reaching to a point like a pyramid. The frigid wind was blowing right into the walls of the stage along the sides and back pressing with force against the band members, who were tuning their instruments.  It actually felt good being on stage, when the lights were off and the crowd wasn’t gathered below. Alison sat lazily on a small wooden chair reading some gossip magazine she had picked up at the hotel. Pictures of  she and Chad on full display with the words “are they back together?”, splashed over the page.

Chad played with the strings of his guitar, while Fred messed with both his guitar and keyboard. Greg was spinning something on his turntables, making the record scratch while he changed beats and sounds. Simon banged away on his drums and high hat. His was pounding against his symbols like he had some frustration that he wanted to get out. Chip was holding his bass close to his body with his eyes closed and his hands around his back. He liked to pray before he began to practice, he was like a baseball player that never washed his socks. Roger was busy off to the side of the stage talking on his cell phone, probably to his girlfriend Rowan. She was to meet them in a few days.

Greg began to play something that sounded an awful lot like that of the Beastie Boys, which was also the tee shirt Alison was sporting today. Simon kicked in and played his drums to the tempo of the records Greg was spinning. He smiled at Alison mischievously then pressed his lips against his microphone.

“Hey Ali, I can still taste your cherry lip gloss.” He shouted.

Alison turned five shades of red, she pressed her hand to her forehead to shield her eyes and also because she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that she was laughing. 

Greg chimed in on his microphone rapping about something Alison couldn’t make out, he sounded more like he was gargling than anything. Chad looked around from Simon to Alison, his face was twisted in confusion but Alison paid no mind. She was allowed to have an inside joke with Simon.

Chad then started humming and widening his mouth. He was doing something with his tongue and lips as he opened his mouth wider and wider like he was yawning. The back of his throat was pushing out a sound that sounded a lot like a whale underwater.

Peter appeared at Alison’s side, his guitar was in his case by his side where he rested it. He looked so excited , he even looked like he was holding his breath.

Simon and everyone else stopped playing and all took a collected deep breath. A clapping noise began to play, leading into the guitars being strummed. That lead into the drums into a smooth beat. Chad began to sing in the microphone, his voice sounding scratchy and rough until he released into a loud long note. To the untrained ear you would have thought was screaming but his voice was controlled and smooth. Delicate in a way, you could make out the pitch and focus in his voice as it echoed across the open field in front of him and bounced against the wall behind him. He held the microphone tightly between both hands as he worked on the song he was singing. One of his ear plugs was hanging along his neck instead of resting inside of his ear, so he could hear himself and what was going on around him.

Suddenly, as the crescendo began to build, Chad opened his voice louder in that metal deep throated scream. He held the note for a good half a minute, the veins bulging out of the side of his neck. Peter stood next to Alison in awe. He had only seen Chad performing in the studio doing take after take, not live like this. Where he knew what sounded good, what he already knew would work for a song. He was letting his voice rip from his body like a volcano and it was amazing.

“Wait till the show kid, this is just a soundcheck.” Alison yelled over the music.

“It gets better than this?” he asked holding his hand to his chest.




“One More Light”-Linkin Park from “One More Light”

If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We’re quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do

(I do!)

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