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The best thing about writing is being able to pick your setting, genre and just letting your imagination run free. The horrible side of it is having to come up with plausible reasons for certain things to happen. 

For instance, Time Travel. As much as I love Outlander I do not recall one time where the issue of what happens in the future is addressed. Meaning, everything Claire does in the past should have a ripple affect on the future. Not to mention that her baby with Jamie being born in the future should have an effect somewhere.

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(If by any chance I missed where Diana Gabaldon explains these issues please feel free to fill me in.)

One of my favorite books/television shows, is Game of Thrones. I can’t image how George R.R. Martin can keep any of the characters straight without a VERY detailed outline/ background journal.

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We all know that J.K. Rowling had a very detailed notebook on Harry Potter, which took her a while to hash out.

So, for a slightly unorganized girl how in the heck can I try my hand at something fun such as Fantasy?

I guess the answer is above. I need to plan. I need to make sure that I have a tight story that no one can poke into. I also need to do some research, I mean seriously.

There has to be some scientific explanation as to why the Doctor is able to interfere with people’s lives but not have any repercussions in the past or the future! These my friends are the questions needing answers!

Do you think you want to take a stab at Fantasy, Action or Science Fiction? Or perhaps Steampunk? Sound off in the comments I’d love to hear how you approach the genre!

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