Previews-do they help or hurt you?


You are in the middle of writing an awesome story/poem or detailed paragraph(whatever). You are so excited about what you wrote that you just have to share it before you are ready, before the actual print is ready, before anything is ready. So perhaps you choose a quote one of your characters said that you are particularly proud of.

You post it everywhere.

Sharing is intimate, so you naturally want to share it with those who follow you. Those who you like to think of as your fans.

You might get a few likes here and there, maybe even a repost. However, it is not the response you had hoped.

What does that mean? More importantly what does that do to your ego?
Does giving a super early preview of your work hurt you and your work?

Perhaps it makes you think that you are not that great. Or the story you were working on was not that incredible.

As a writer, most of us are seriously fragile. As with anyone who creates something we are just little baby birds trying to fly. When someone smacks us as we leap off the lip of the nest we stumble, fall and perhaps learn a valuable lesson.

Don’t try to fly. 

But seriously that isn’t the case. You shouldn’t look at it like that.

Just because a preview didn’t receive the response you were hoping doesn’t mean anything. Actually it could mean a number of things.

  1. You didn’t push it right.
  2. You didn’t post on social media at peak hours
  3. You didn’t edit your work
  4. the list goes on and on

The reason you work didn’t get the reception it deserved could have been something as simple as the list above. So, what does this tell us ladies and gentlemen?

Perhaps we should save previews for when we are ready? Posting something too soon and getting little to no response could make you no longer want to write it.

why should I write it if no one is going to read it.

The truth is, no one is going to read it if you don’t have the time or energy to promote it. And honestly you can’t do the promoting justice if you are still working on the project.

Teasers are great, perhaps instead of doing that on social media do it exclusively on your site. Mention on social media that something new is coming this way!

And fear not, even if you previewed your work early. It is still awesome and trust me there is someone out there who wants to read it!

Be a peacock and show off your work!



Sound off in the comments ways you repair your ego. Or how you preview your work. Or just say hello!

Until next time!


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