He is a beast.

He frightens me to my core

I feel as though I might come apart.

There is something inside of him, something that has come unraveled.

He smiles from behind his long hair and shaggy beard. His blue eyes shine bright through the sadness that haunts him.

I reach out to touch his cheek, only in my dreams.

I do not know what his skin feels like. I am only familiar with the heat he emits.

This man, this best of a man looks unraveled.

His long hair, overgrown beard and ink stained clothing.

What has happened to him?
Why is he a shell of the great man I heard about when I was little?
He talks of war. The American Revolution.

He talks of our revolution.

He drinks, curses and roars in the night.

My fear deepens my curiosity

The more he frightens me the more I need to know.

The longer I stay here, I fear, the more I will become unraveled like him.

Until next time!

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