I’m Back!!


In case you were wondering, and you are apart of the shameful few that don’t subscribe to our newsletter, I’ve been out and about in the good ol’ USofA!

Hey guys, I am back from my travels.

Long as they were they were even more unexciting. Though not fruitless. During my adventures I was inspired. The Oregon landscape really speaks to me and I feel myself recharged and refreshed.
Not only am I working on a few things, but I am also updating my continuing stories from my Patreon site. So be sure to look at for those!
I love writing, but man finding time and energy to write was really putting a strain on me. These past two weeks really put a lot of things into perspective for me, and I hope that I am now armed with stories that we both will love!
Another thing I have been doing is reading! I almost forgot how much I LOVE reading.
In case you’re wondering I am currently reading “The 7th Woman” by Frederique Molay. I am into physiological thrillers and suspense these days. (I’ll be posting this in the SW reads section as soon as I am done!)
Well that is all for this little update! I look forward to entertaining you all! I also look forward to your emails telling me what you loved! And if you really want to cause you missed me, say hello in the comments! 
Until next time, Keep Reading!!!


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