Hopeless Romantic or just a Yuppie?


One of my favorite movies is “Love Actually.” While the entire movie is just one big giant hug, I have to say the one story that sticks out for me is the one between Juliet (played by Keria Knightly) and Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln).

There is something so heartbreaking and romantic about his feelings for her. While we may never know if his feelings were reciprocated we do know that it must be hard for Mark to even be friends with his best mate! (since he is married to Juliet!)

The entire time one thinks that Mark can’t stand Juliet, and then he shows up at her doorstep, pretending to be carolers just so he can admit that he doesn’t hate her, but he loves her.

And will love her until she looks like this:


Of course many, many internet trolls say this is creepy. Hell, even Andrew Lincoln says his character is creepy. And yes it may be a bit disturbing but don’t you think this is a little heartbreaking?

I am not sure that Mark is asking for more, I am not even sure he is expecting anything. Especially the kiss that Juliet gives him. But what makes this sweet is the fact that he did this to get it out, to let her know that he doesn’t hate her. I look at this as though Mark used this moment in a therapeutic way.

Image result for mr knightley

I loved this so much that some how my love for George Knightly was almost replaced by Andrew Lincoln. (Mr. Darcy’s position is still secure!)


So, after that large introduction into my sappy post. I think this is a great launching point for a story. My mission this year is to write a seriously heartbreaking story of love.

Sometimes I like to think of myself as Jane Austen and write about all things that deal with the heart. (Sappy? I know)

With my love for “Love Actually” and all things Jane Austen, does that mean I am a doomed to turn into a yuppie? I personally do not think that grand gestures happen in real life, and I do think that it is super cheesy when people feel the need to do something ridiculous (looking at you flash mobs!) just to propose to someone. But when it is in a movie or a book I fall to pieces. I sobbed like a baby whenever I read “P.S. I love you” and Cecelia Ahern got me again in “Love, Rosie.”


Reading books written by Ms. Ahern, Jane Austin, Deborah Hawness, JoJo Moyers (by the way I’m still weeping and I hate you Moyers!), Emile Zola, and Gail Carriger to name a few, have sadly molded me into a hopeless romantic. And probably turned me into a yuppie, let’s mark this as Exhibit A.

So how can one write stories of heartbreaking, soul shaking love when I may or may not have experienced it? As with Ms. Austen in “Becoming Jane”, I too suffer from lack of experience. (Now that I mentioned that movie, I must say that is another heartbreaking love story. One that has a bittersweet ending…sigh!)

Image result for becoming jane

However, that answer comes from Mrs. Radcliffe when Jane visits. “That’s what the imagination is for.” 

My question now is, could being a hopeless romantic make you a more powerful writer ? And can one write the way these fine ladies do by using only your imagination? I full heartily want to scream yes! After all, I highly doubt that Ahern had a life long friendship that finally come to be the relationship of the century in her fifties and I really doubt that JoJo Moyers had a paraplegic lover, The fact is they understand and know that the heart wants what it wants and as sad as it is doesn’t always get what it wants.

And in my book that the is good enough experience for me, after all how many of us have had  experienced unrequited love? I’m sure there was a crush who didn’t crush on you back. In your teens that might have been soul crushing. In your twenties, you might of causally shrugged your shoulder, and nearly forty you might have panicked. Regardless, your reaction that is the emotion I want to capture!

Now does that make me a yuppie? I don’t think so. And will I create a future pack of yuppies? By George, I  hope so!

Anyone have tales of love woes? sound off in the comments or pm me. I’d love to learn from your experience or just swap stories!

Until next time, keep writing!

(Side note: I am currently binge watching Gilmore Girls and some how, I am starting to feel like Luke and Lorelai’s relationship is very Emma and Mr. Knightly mixed with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth..thoughts?)

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