Ways to Overcome Discouragement

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There are times when you are working on something so incredibly brilliant, you are giddy with joy about writing it. The moment you finish it you want to deliver it to your audience and hear all about their reactions. You want to hear the joy and praise from your audience. You read your article, read it again, and after you hit the post button you read it again. Finally satisfied with what you wrote you wait. And you wait. You wait for the audience to flock to the genius article, story or whatever and reflect on what you wrote.

While you wait you attack social media. You let the world know there is an incredible article on “my blog come read it!”
Once you post your brilliant social media post, add the wittiest hashtags you wait some more.
and you wait.

Minutes and hours pass by and no one has seen your story or even looked at your blog. No one is interested in what you have to say.
What the heck could be the problem?
Could it be the title? No? Pretty straight forward title?
Could it be the content? You are your only judge on that one.
Or perhaps there was nothing wrong with your title, blog post or hashtags.
Things just happen.
So how do you keep from getting discouraged?


Rule number 1: Keep going.

Go on to social media websites and spread the love. What is the harm in doing that? Nothing! And while doing this you are finding inspiration for your next article.

Rule number 2: Keep writing.

Just because it seems as though no one is reading your work you have to keep pushing on. There is someone out there reading your stuff, but they might be a little shy when it comes to commenting about it.

Rule number 3: Search the web for ways you can be better with social media.

Sadly, social media is a great tool. Just like many writers, I am an introvert. So even the faceless interaction is hard for me. And I am no sales lady! With that being said, social media does make it a tad bit easier to get the word of your work out there. All you have to do is learn how to use it to your advantage!
Learn from Kim Kardashian, or other blogs how you can be in the trending spot! Learn from Facebook or Instagram how to make your site more exciting. Sadly, you may have to write about things that people want to read about. For example, right now people are constantly talking about our president and his actions. They are also talking about the women’s marches and immigration. If your blog is like mine and you don’t write about politics or world events then you can use those subjects as topics in your stories. Be sure to use the Hashtags!
What are some ways you overcome disappointment or discouragement? Sound off in the comments below!

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