Steps to Organization :Journal Post #1


When I was younger I was a stranger little person! Why you ask? Well that answer is simple. Unlike my teenage counterparts I was an organized neat freak.

Once I passed my teenage years I maintained my ability to keep things neat and organized. My life was organized. Until one day it all just feel apart. Now no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get things organized. Especially my writing! I am a mess, well I think so. How I managed to get stuff complete amazes me!

What do I do to try to appear organized? Well that is simple. I make lists, I set up calendar things on my phone and computer. Ugh I even write random stuff in my journals that I normally save for writing ideas or inspiration.

So how do I get my writing more organized? I know you are asking the same questions that I am asking myself.

Well, that is easier said than done but I think that together we can do this!


Step 1: Come up with a plan

This is essential. I would suggest doing an outline of the things you want to accomplish over a period of time. From there you can add how you plan to get there, make sure that it is realistic. Consider carefully how you think you can achieve those goals and then make a plan. Of course if you are freaking out at the idea of a set plan, just remember that what you create should be flexible but not too much that you don’t make your goal.


Step 2: Keeping a Journal

Pick out a journal that is going to “inspire” you. Don’t just go to the store and pick up any old journal. Pick the one that draws you in. One that speaks to you. If it just happens to be something with Justin Bieber’s face on it then GRAB IT! The reason is this, if you grab a journal that is “ordinary” it is just going to sit there. Judge that book by it’s cover! (and the inside) If the lines are not how you like them then you are going to fight writing in it. You have to write in something that is going to “fit” you!

Step 3: Go through your journal periodically. 


As stated above you must set time aside in your writing schedule to go through your journal. TRUST ME! Sometimes I write things down in my journal and when it is time for me to write something I come up blank. Why? Cause I don’t look in my journal. There are some gems in there too. Things I want to remember, which is why I write them down. However, if I don’t venture into the journal then I just wasted time and the journal!

Step 4: Check where you are in your plan! 


Always see where you are in your plan. If you ventured off course then you can find a way to get yourself back on! That is part of the plan!

Step 5: When in doubt use templates.

If I were you then I would try to see if templates are for me. Of course you can look at some of my previous posts for a few. I do have some and I have used them from time to time or you can click here  to downloaded things from “The Organized Writer.” Just remember that if you are not a template person, you’ll never use them. You can’t force a new habit, but you can try to train yourself.


These are just a few ways you can keep yourself on track or even get yourself on track. A few other tips I’d suggest is to get yourself a calendar that you will use. Either on your phone, your email or one you have on your wall. One thing that I like to use in my writing or even in my daily life is a cork board. You can use it for all kinds of things, such as a story board.

You can find templetes or ideas for a story board on Pintrest. Here is an example of one.

(Photo taken from The Rhetorical Journal. Click here to check out other tips from his site!)

What are you ways to keep organized? I would love to hear how you keep your writing on track and how you feel it has helped! Sound off in the comments below or PM me!

Until then, keep writing!

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