Newsletters!! Pour toi mes amies.

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As many of you already know, I’ve added a nifty sign-up form to the old blog. Those who do sign up will be given a newsletter about once a month. Sometimes I’ll just talk about things that are going on and other times I’ll just send something for you to read, cause its cold outside. I want to encourage all of you to stay in doors and be cozy!

So, for those of you who want to know I am not trying to sell anything on my Newsletters. I only write them to give you an idea as to what is going on with the blog and with my Patreon site. Again, most of my stuff is for free!

Here is this month’s Newsletter. To sign up to receive these babies once a month click on the link below! 


It is a new year and with a new year comes new resolutions. This year I am not going to burden myself with those pesky resolutions. Why? Because they just fall through by February.
I am going to be more organized, and I’ll take baby steps to do that. But it will not be my resolution! And I will not be horribly sad if I fail. Cause, more than likely, I’ll have a bunch of set backs. (I have a 17 month old!)

Speaking of organizing, last month I had promised to add “A Thousand Goodbyes” and “A Prayer for Daylight.” to my continuing stories on, but I have not. Why? Well, I realized as I hovered over the publish button that I was not ready. I worked so hard on these two stories that I just became anxious. Strange, weird, I know! But rest a sure you will get to read them…soonish.

So with that, I will be posting more poems, advice and books you should read on I am excited at the new stories, new books and new advice for writing that I am going to find and try out. I am also thinking of posting journal entries….maybe!

Because I am always reading let me know what you are reading. Who knows the books I read and the books you read may be the books of our dreams! Two more books are about to go up on the SW Reads!


A short short that I want to dive deeper in. So, I shall be adding this as part of my continuing stories.
Why so many? To mainly keep me from getting bored but also to give my readers a variety!


Sweetest Devotion
Story of a girl from middle class Boston. Bella lost her parents in a horrible drunk driving accident. Drifting numbly through life, Bella’s feels life being breathed back into her when she meets Silas Conner. Unlike her friends in Cambridge, he understands pain, struggling and what it was like to be alone.

Well, that is it for now. I do hope that you all enjoy what I have planned for you. Again, I am available via email: to answer questions about a story or just to talk about it! Until then readers! Keep reading and writing!

The Scribbling Writer

Continuing stories already available! 



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