New Year….and why it’s ok!

New Year, and it's ok.png

Holy mother of pearl!

2016 went out with a bang, not only did the nation have a serious brain fart(I am not talking about who was elected, I am talking about what happened after!), but so many people died.

The one and only George Micheal, who I LOVED!!! (I am still listening to his greatest hits!!!)

No matter who you voted for, now is the time for us to come together as a nation and really support one another. For those who were all about the “old” ways, which were to “accept” everyone, then we need to continue that. For those of you who were always about hate, well it is time to stop that. There is so much suffering going on, both in our own lives and in others. But that isn’t the bigger picture. The big picture is that this is the time for us to really do something great. Let us not SABOTAGE, but encourage and support. I like to think that things couldn’t possibly get any worse and I cling to the fact that if it does there is always that bit of “impeachment” listed in the constitution.


Remember-those who can’t stand President Trump-eight years ago there were groups of people in the shoes you are wearing now that couldn’t stand Obama. (Some that didn’t know or understand what Change he was selling and were upset he NEVER explained.) Please do not bring racism into the mix! A good chunk of people didn’t like Obama based solely on his politics not the color of his skin!

So, let us be optimistic!

We can make 2017 anything we want! We can finally turn the economy around, well I hope we can. And we can be the best we have ever been, by ourselves! Our leaders do not define us. They are mere representations of us, whether we accept them or not.

See that is why is why it is ok! Because we are going to MAKE IT OK!!!

Moving on…before I make someone upset.


(I added the picture above only because I am still in love with Mulled Wine! Google it! Can’t wait till next Christmas)

I am looking forward to all the good things to come. This year, despite not having a resolution, I am going to be optimistic. I will get out of my fog, and I will get a handle on the anxiety!

As with every year I try to build on whatever technique I learned the year before to assist me in my anxiety. A few years ago I learned how to knit, and since then I have made my projects more challenging. I must say, if I am going to toot my own horn, I am pretty good!!

This year, and again not a resolution, I am going to learn more about French Politics. Why you ask? No, I don’t hate myself! But when I finally move over there, in a few more years, I am going to need to understand what the heck is going on!

Oh and I’m finally going to move on to the challenge part of my Rosetta stone, I am going to be brave and break out of my basic French! Conversations here I come!!! I have already scheduled dates for this on my calendar! (Did I mention I am going be more organized?) Hello Type A!

Again not a resolution!

If I were to make these resolutions then I would have to call them something else. More like achievable goals.Something that I can handle, something that I can actually do and not feel like a steaming pile of sh** when I fail.

So those are my goals!

What are you “resolutions” or goals? I would love to hear what you guys are planning for the new year. I would love to also know why you think 2017 is going to be GREAT!! Remember only love no hate.

And remember it is ok! We are going to be stronger and better then EVER!!!!

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