Top 10 Holiday Movies (not holiday)


Before I sign off for the next two weeks. (That’s right friends I am taking two weeks off.) So tired. My fingers are sore from knitting, writing and pointing out where Christmas decor should go. So, before I go I am leaving with you my favorite list of movies to watch during the holidays. Please do not judge the horrificness of my selection, just enjoy! And tell me how you loved them too!

So grab a cup of something warm and get to watching!


10.Twilight-1-4 Why? Well cause I don’t like myself that much. I try so hard to want to like these moves and every time I watch them  I realize halfway that I should have just re-read the books. But  by the time I realize that I am vested and dammit I have to commit!

9.The Nightmare Before Christmas: Because after Twilight you need something to scare the holiday back into you.

8: Four Christmases: Cause you know you’d rather go to the Bahamas then head to your family’s house where a threat of being tackled lurks.

  1. A Christmas Story: life lessons to be learned from this movie. “You’ll shoot your eye out!” See don’t question your mom!

  2. Christmas Vacation: HA HA I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I mean.. there is really no explanation you should just watch it.

  3. Home Alone: ONLY the first one. This movie cracked me up when I first saw it and it still makes me laugh!

  4. Elf: EVERYONE should watch this damn movie!

3.Harry Potter Moves 1-8: I ask you, why not?

2.The Holiday: Um cause it just warms you soul!

1.Love Actually: Cause of Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant and hello Bill Nighy as a ROCKSTAR. And of course for the best scene EVER CREATED with Andrew Lincoln.

Image result for andrew lincoln love actually

(Picture from Entertainment weekly.)

I do hope that you guys enjoy your holiday. I look forward to new beginnings in 2017 and I look forward to sharing new stories, adventures and advice with you all!

Happy Holidays!


The Scribbling Writer

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