I am like a memory, easy to be forgotten

I am a dream that simply fades into nothing

You think I’m a snippet of a nightmare or a snatch of a horrible memory. You let me fade into the dark. You let me disappear into nothing.

I am faded, like a spot you’ve rubbed too hard. The bleach makes the stain that is me fade, blend into the fabric of life. But my voice, and my cries can still be heard.

I am just a fissure in a crack on the wall. You can easily make me fade into nothing, cover me up. I’ll let you. I have nothing left to give. The fight to disappear is too great.

I can be faded, I can blend into the night. I can disappear if that is what makes you happy. I don’t matter, never did. I’m not loved, I can’t be loved. How can I be when I’ve been faded from the start.


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