Short Short #6. Now up for Free!

short short #6.png

Normally, I try to buckle down and ignore my birthday like it is the plague. This year I have decided to somewhat embrace it. In honor of my birth I have decided to gift you with a free story! It is much longer then the normal Short Short. 

*Side note: Warning this story is intended for those 18 and above. *

Maid of Honor

I hope you all like it!

Before you leave!!! Keep reading!

with love,christinathe scribbling writer.jpg

I will not be posting on the blog or my Patreon site,  until after Thanksgiving. Until then keep an eye out on the Patreon site, cause I have two continuing stories for you!

And of course I’d love to hear what you think!

Until then, enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!

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