Art Provokes Thought


When we create something, no matter the platform, it is always going to create some kind of  feeling or thought. The wonderful thing about art is there is not right or wrong way to interrupt things. As people, the way we understand something is just as unique as we are. 

When you listen to a song, something that Eminem wrote for example, you literally tried your hardest to read between the lines. Everything that he says, or implies is given a deeper meaning and you must, nah it is your duty as a fan or a critic to figure it out. So you do, and then you start to imply things. Such as, “Does Eminem need help? Does he really have violent thoughts about killing his ex-wife?”

When you look at a painting you wonder what the artist was thinking, or how the artist was feeling when they painted the piece. Now, I am not going to go too deep into this cause I am not brilliant when it comes to paintings. They just look pretty to me. ha ha.


Books are another form of art. You read books for whatever reason. No matter the genre you read it and you start to wonder things. Read between the lines, come up with conclusions or why this character acted this way. You even come up with reason as to why the book had to end the way that it did.


Sometimes, the subject matter or character in a book flat out pisses you off or makes you cry. Regardless an emotion has been extracted from you. That is the ultimate goal, for me, when storytelling.

I am not sure if it translates that way, but when I write something I put so much thought into the character’s actions and feelings. I want them to be living breathing things. I want them to piss you off, make you laugh, scary the bloody hell out of you, everything.

When I write that is my motivation, my goal. To elicit thoughts or feelings.

What is your motivation to write? To get the demons out or to make someone feel? I wanna know! Sound off in the comments or in private emails.

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