Huntress-Character Smoke


I have started a new story on my Patreon page called Huntress. One of my main characters is named Beau “Smoke” Garrison, and I want to introduce him to you by sharing with you a bit of his background. By all means let me know what you think of this character, from what I have described here. If there is something you think I should add feel free to share!

Smoke, as he likes to be called, got his nickname because he has an uncanny ability to appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as quickly.

Born to an elite family of vampire hunters he is in line to take the reins from his father. Part of his training involves working with James Stewart. (James, brother to Blake Stewart, is the lead hunter in the community. Having no brothers he has decided to assist Smoke to carry on the legacy of both families.)

Smoke loves to kill vampires, in fact, his first kill was when he was seven. Some clever vampire thought it would be cute to turn a five-year-old into an immortal. Smoke’s father Sean assigned the killing to him. At first Smoke was nervous, having only killed deer during hunting season. But this was a person or used to be,  and a child.

After he killed the vampire, Smoke realized this was his calling. That and marrying Blake. She was, essentially, a hunter’s princess. Born to the elite family of hunters dating back to the 1500’s. Together they could create the future. But she likes playing hard to get.

She will.png

Smoke loves making her feel uncomfortable. He loves touching her when he can, however, he can. She doesn’t like it when he slaps her ass or calls her sweet tits. But he loves it, and he loves watching her curl her lip in disgust. One day she will grow to like it.

Smoke doesn’t like that Blake’s father took in an important vampire almost seven years ago. As a devout vampire hunter, Smoke detests this vampire, Aiden. In fact, if it were up to him, Aiden would be dead. Soon it will happen once Smoke and Blake are married, Aiden will die.




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