Frustrated with writing!


Have you ever been knee deep into a project, and suddenly you walk away from it as though it called you a bad name?
You have spent days, maybe weeks or months dreaming, thinking, and writing in your notebook. Or if you’re super organized you have been jotting things down on your outline. And then suddenly you just stop. Nothing is coming to you and your main character is getting on your nerves!
I remember reading somewhere that Jane Austin had felt that way about her character “Emma”. She openly said that “Emma” was her least favorite character. So how did she push herself to get “Emma’s” story out?
I have the luxury of walking away and turning on the television or music to clear my head. Poor Ms. Austin had the options to play the piano, read a book or take a walk to clear her head.
The most frustrating part of this is knowing, and witnessing other authors writing what appears to be three books a month! How? What the what?


Am I just an awful writer that can get her stuff together? Should I focus more on my outline or should I realize that this is my subconscious telling me the story is crap?
As you will read on many blogs, twitter feeds and Facebook news you are your worst critic. So, I am a horrible judge of character when it comes to my own work. Does that mean that Ms. Austin was wrong in hating Emma? Or did she see something in Emma the rest of us didn’t and that is why she couldn’t stand her?

My main character is named Aveline. She is a strong girl with a need to please her father. Though she starts to fall for her best friend, despite the fact he is everything her father wouldn’t like. During this process, she uproots her life for someone else. She grows as a person because of it but really she isn’t escaping the reins of her father, she just exchanged them for new ones.
So does that make her a bad character? Or is she deeply flawed as I hoped?
And why in the world does she annoy me right now?
Has anyone else felt this level of frustration and annoyance for their characters?
Sound off in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Frustrated with writing!

  1. There are some days when I’d like nothing more than to get in a bar fight with my characters. You’re not alone! Sometimes I feared that main character of my novel was unreasonably stupid instead of flawed — and I hated her. I wanted to throw away the paragraph, the chapter, the whole darn novel. But I stuck through it. That feeling of resentment got me through the early drafts and helped me figure out where I needed to revise in future ones. So don’t ignore that feeling, but don’t let it stop you from writing, either! Hang in there. Writing can be tough!


  2. I tend to get frustrated with my writing in general more than a particular character. It’s possibly because I don’t really have a specific cast of characters I work with all the time. (My novel remains forever a thought in my head because I can’t figure out where it should go.) But yes, I do understand that frustration when things refuse to go where you plan, especially when you have everything all lined up perfectly.

    I always found it amusing that Ms Austen didn’t like Emma, because she’s my favourite!


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