Describe Your book


When it comes to writing a book or a short story or anything that is simple. When you are not suffering from writer’s block that is.

But when you are ready to put the finishing touches and your mind is giving you a huge mental pat on the back you start to feel a little bit of panic. Why? 

Well my friends that is because you have to write a description or summary of your book.

Would someone explain to me why in the world that is such a hard thing to do!

There is just so much pressure that goes into it. As a writer you just can’t imagine squeezing almost four hundred pages into a few paragraphs. Not to mention you have to remember that your description is what people will use to judge your book. This is what will convince them that they need to read your book!


According to Catherine Ryan Howard-Blog here there are a great deal of many thing you should include in writing your description. As a person who looks like a deer caught in the headlights her advice is sound. For a full description of what she suggests I would visit her site. For summation of what she offers continue reading.

For starters you need it make sure that you make what kind of book you have written clear. Mention that you have writing a love story that will make Twilight fans cry their eyes out. Or this is the book you should read after Joy Luck Club. Focus on what made those books great, ie the relationships, the connections, the love and mention that is what also makes your book great.

It is ok and you should not be afraid to mention other books or writers, as mentioned above. If you have written a hilarious book about girls coming of age while learning hose to use their powers, you could mention something about this being the book for  Discovery of Witches fans.

The first line of your description is the most important. This is the sentence that will make or break your description. As Kathrine Ryan Howard suggest, you have to encapsulate the whole book. This is where you will draw a reader in. Easy right! HA!

Allow your self to be free, and write your description to be as long as it needs to be, and try not to be boring. It is ok to get the emotions into your description. Let them know that it is going to be heartbreaking or funny. And as Ms. Howard suggests use the words most suggested in your genre. (I would suggest going to her blog to read more on this!)


The most important aspect of your description should leave your readers wanting more. There should be some hint of desperation that makes it hard for them not to press the read now button. Don’t give too much away but illicit curiosity.

Again, for more details on who to write a successful description hop over to Catherine’s Blog.  And let me know what your process for writing a description. Do you read other book descriptions to get an idea, or do you pull your hair out and shoot in the dark?

What is your method in getting the description you need! Sound off in comments.


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