Fallen-Now available on Amazon


Up until now Harper thought she had her life mapped out. She didn’t need a boyfriend, or love. Having been denied it for so long she wasn’t going to look for it either. Until she meets the enchanting Dorian Blackwood. When he gets too close, she fights not to push him away. Knowing his secret, and feeling more then she bargains for, now all she wants is to be his everything.

Like most of the books I write, this book was a bit of a challenge. Out of all the characters I have created so far, Harper is my favorite. I really want to thank all of you who supported me and pushed me to finish this book

This is a story mainly about love, and friendship. When I first starting writing it I wondered what real love really was. I am talking about the unconditional love you experience from a baby. The baby loves you no matter what, doesn’t judge you, doesn’t question you, just loves you. And then I started thinking is that possible for a grown up?

That is how I came up with the this first book. I do hope you enjoy Harper and Dorian’s journey.  As always, I would love to read any thoughts, reviews or concerns.

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Fallen: book 1 is available on Amazon here.

Thanks again for all your support!

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