Why do I care about theme?

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Ok class, today we are going to talk about theme. In case you are wondering theme is the “main idea ” of the story or “what the author wants you to learn”.

Now, having said that why do I care about theme? Do you always have to teach a lesson to your readers? Is that the point of storytelling or is that more for children’s books? 

For example:

In “Charlotte’s Web” we learned about friendship, and the power of it.

“Twilight” was more about love and I would say acceptance but others say romance. (I think I threw up a little.)

In “Harry Potter” well, that one is obvious. We learned about death. (and this is from the mouth of J.K. Rowling.) I’m sure there are other things to learn in “Harry Potter” such as friendship, coming of age, prejudice, blah blah but the main theme is death.

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Honestly, I don’t really care about theme. In the other circumstances I love to try and figure out the theme but I don’t feel as though I need to learn something from a story. This isn’t the middle ages where I am trying to teach life lessons to someone. I think you have to experience life in order to figure things out. Reading a book is something I feel you use to connect to something. A person created a character that is similar to you, and that is what makes the story meaningful, interesting and entertaining.

Having said that I ask you this, as you read or write your stories do you often ask yourself what you could take away from the story? Do you think there has to be a moral or theme to the story?

Or do you just write to tell a story? Do you read a story just to be entertained?

As you write your next project or read a book what goes through your mind?

Are you an active reader searching for the theme or do you just read. Do you write to teach a lesson or to entertain. In the words of Rita Skeeter, “Me, myself and I want to know. Not to mention my ravid readers.

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One thought on “Why do I care about theme?

  1. I always want a theme in my stories. I’m quite fond of metaphor, specifically metaphor through mythology. That being said, I don’t just write fantasy alone, but I still try to bring that metaphorical theme into all of them, even ones about regular human characters.


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