One last Peak at “Collide”

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Before I put the finishing touches on this complicated story, I thought I would give you guys one last peak. I hope you enjoy it! Of course any creative ideas are welcomed! Cause this story has not been easy.

Tragedy brought them together, but can love save them? 

His fist hit the door so hard it rattled in its hinges. I slid my back down the length of the door with tears sliding down my face. I had been afraid of Luke before, but this was different, now he terrified me. Thought that wasn’t what had me shivering. I needed to open that door and hold him.
“Let me in.” he demanded.
I shook my head as though he could hear me.
“Please, babe.” He sobbed softly, “I need you.”
At the sound of his words, I almost broke. I could hear his breathing slowing.
“Amy, I’m so sorry please.” He begged. “I will get better, just please don’t shut me out.”
I screwed my eyes shut and shoved my fingers into my ears. I had to keep him out of my mind, out of everything. We were destroying each other and I wasn’t strong enough for the two of us.
Behind me the door vibrated again, close to my head. I heard his sobs growing louder and I wondered if I should call his dad. I still wanted to protect him and his family. It was best to get him out of my building before someone called the police or worse the media.
I rose from my spot next to the door.
I froze midway towards the phone.
“I have a key.” He said sheepishly.
I remained rooted to my spot as my resolve began draining. It was one thing to have the door separating us, but another to have him in the same room as me.
“I know you’re mad and you’re hurting but please.” He begged closer behind me. “Don’t stop loving me.”
I began shaking, even as the turned me around crushing me into his arms.
“I can get through this.” He said softly as he kissed my hair.
I nodded feeling myself going under the spell he seemed to unknowing cast when we were together.
“Don’t ever leave me again.” He begged.
I pressed my face into his chest. I was a fool to think I could ever leave him.
“Never.” I whispered as the need began to choke me.

He was tall with striking features. His jaw was square and strong. His voice smooth as silk, but his words stung like a wasp..jpg

Make sure you keep checking back for updates on when I finish this monster. Until then let me know what you think.

Also, if you like this story check out Fallen, up for nomination now!

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