Stop these COWARDLY Acts!

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(Warning-I am a little upset that this happened. I have exploded my emotions out in a not so friendly way. I do not wish to offend anyone! So if you offend easy look away! If you want to help me through my grief then read on, and please positive advice is always welcomed!)

I do not understand what is going on in the world. My heart literally bleeds with sorrow for my fellow French Citizens. We must stand together to fight this common enemy. This CAN NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!


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This is ‘the only presentable part, your son’s left profile.’

Police Weep and Vomit When They See What French Hostages were Forced to Do

Police Weep As They Learn What French Hostages Were Forced To Do

Fox News reports that the French Parliament heard that the jihadists who took hostages at the Bataclan tortured their victims on the second floor of the club by gouging out their eyes, castrating male victims, and shoving their severed testicles into their mouths while they were still alive. Female victims also had their genitals mutilated and others were also reportedly disemboweled and horribly disfigured.

This is for the petulance out there. 

I understand wanting to push and inflict pain upon those you feel have done you wrong but you are pointing your gun at the wrong source. Governments are what make the decisions, and drive the country. Not the innocent. Not CHILDREN!

ISIS needs to be wiped from the face of the earth and fast. Wherever they are found, they need to be eliminated with prejudice. No mercy, no quarter. Take them out. They are a scourge and a threat to all of mankind’s very existence.

What is happening is creating a new kind of hatred. Sad part is that you don’t even care! All you want to do is inflict as much pain and horror as you can whilst picking the tantrum of the century. You are abominable, yet you are nothing. Unlike true evil before you, these monsters fought in ways you will never understand. All you will ever be will is a nuance. A pimple that needs to be popped. A canker that needs to be cut out.

Unlike the rest of us, many of your solders can only fight once in a fool’s attempt at reaching the paradise you all seek. Blinded by the falseness of your faith and the mind-screwing of those in charge.

I feel sad for every single one you, and I pray that you will one day wake up from your delusions. You are not the monster that you wish to be because you attack children, you are weak.

You are not all mighty and powerful because you attack those who can not defend themselves. Again all you are, and all you’ll ever be is something that will die out like weasel you so clearly want to be.


I should have taken the time out of my day to cool off a little but I had to be true to myself and allow my sadness and grief to explode. I do not wish to offend or create more hatred in the world. All I want in life is to live the best life we can all live. This makes me feel sick  and I feel as though it is being ignored! I feel as though France is alone and that pisses me off. France is one  of the MAJOR reasons why we have the US! We should be upset this is happening! We should do something more then try “diplomatic approaches.” OBVIOUSLY talking is not going to work!

So today, hug all your loved ones. Feel proud we are safe in our little bubble and say a prayer for France. Say a prayer for the world!



2 thoughts on “Stop these COWARDLY Acts!

  1. Normally I make a point of not posting on the internet when angry, but in this case anger is justified. I don’t think this post will offend anyone, except maybe ISIS. These attacks are pointless and they have to stop, but an ideology is a very difficult thing to fight.


    1. Completely agree with you! Normally I keep away from hot topics but this is just too close to the chest. Again agree with you on ideology. It actually saddens me that things in life can get twisted just because someone can make something sound so wonderful. Words may not hurt anyone but they can instill such a hate that it burns. Thank you so much for commenting.

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