Frail-I fear not the darkness



My bones are brittle

My body feeble and weak

But my mind is sharp and thick with knowledge

I will rise, I will stand

I fear not.jpg


Where I lack in strength I make up for it in wisdom

I do not worship a false God, I obey the only God

My heart is stubborn, and set

I will not stray from the true course, I will not falter no matter how frail I am

Though I may not be able to hit you back hard with my fists

I can damn your soul.

I will not sway from, not matter how hard you fight me.

I will stand strong

I will forge my bones in steel,wrap my body in metal.

In my hands I shall carry the sword of the savior.

I will no longer be frail, I will rise.

With everything I have, I will send you back to the darkest depths of hell

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