Self Hustle-Get your work out there!


The greatest question to come to a self-publishing author is “Should I print my book?”. This is a question that has plagued me, and since I am not a natural salesmen, and no one is going to want to read a book from a person they don’t know, how on earth would I be able to sell a printed book just to break even?

I mean I could put it on Amazon, in the “Sell My stuff” category but that still brings me to my original issue. How do you pimp yourself out? And more importantly, is it worth the cost?

Sadly, as I said I am not very outgoing and often have a hard time getting to know people. I would much rather sit in a room reading while it rains outside then try to mingle at a party with strangers. Writing is where I create, and that is satisfactory to me. I don’t need to be the toast of some fancy party. I do not need to rub elbows with the whose who of the west coast. I’m not interested in being a celebrity, I just want to be your favorite author. LOL

In doing some research on this matter I have come up with this.

Instead of thinking as “self-promotion” you should think of “sharing with others”. As a write I’m very introverted, the same is true with pretty much any other writer out there. So having said that from online writing communities I have learned that writers also believe that their work will “change people lives.” So I guess hold on to that thought and let that push you. A perfect example of someone who fills this is Erlich Bachman from the television show “Silicon Valley”.


Now, I know he is fictitious but his personality is spot on with what I am saying. He believes the crap he is selling. That he is the gift to the world. The attitude that he has in envious and I need to channel him more. Especially when it comes to selling my stuff.

The next thing that I learning from my research is to just take one step at a time. Breaking a large goal up into smaller chunks make things seem less daunting. I use this in my writing as well. My outline sometimes overwhelms me with the amount of information I pour into it. So, I just handing a chapter at a time. I get super organized and tab it up. This makes the writing process less daunting and returns the fun. I love writing, generally enjoy getting lost in the process but sometimes it can be too much. (shutter here) it feels too much like work!

Use social media. I know that sounds very much like mingling with the world. However, there is a huge amount of amenity involved. I would say to use this very much like research. You could start with Facebook, check out pages where they allow you to promote your book. Learn from the successful marketed books, and use that strategies. Then turn to Twitter. See how things are done there, learn how to use hashtags.


Sounds easy doesn’t it! HA! easier said then done. But this is a good theory, and one should practice. After all isn’t’ the end goal to end up in a library or a bookstore?


That is what I discovered on the great wide web, what have you discovered? Do you think it is wise to get your book printed in paperback form? How would you go about to sell your work? Ideas, thoughts, comments are all welcomed. Until then Keep Writing! Untitled design

3 thoughts on “Self Hustle-Get your work out there!

  1. I feel your pain. I’m not even at the hustling for real stage, though I plan self-pub later. Even keeping up a blog has been difficult for me. Here’s hoping this gets easier.


  2. This is very insightful, although I’m not a writer; I do struggle with “pimping” myself out lol. I do realize social media plays a significance in gaining clients and maintaining their interests. Great post!



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