Staying Motivated-Even when you feel like dancing


Picture it! You are sitting at your favorite desk, with your writing tool in front of you. To your left there is a steaming cup of tea, or coffee. To your right is your chap stick resting next to a pen or maker. Ideas are popping from your mind and through your fingers as they fly over the keys of your computer. Or you are old school and you’re using a pen, and that pen is sliding all over the paper as though it has a mind of its own.

Then suddenly you stop. Perhaps you stop to crack your fingers or to stretch your arms. It is then that you notice the scene outside your window. The sun is out, and it doesn’t seem to be too hot. There are people playing in their front yards. You smell the thick smoke of BBQ in the air followed by the rich aroma of meat searing. (OR if you are like me it is the smell of some vegetable that attacks you.)

That is when you look sadly back at your work, the aching feeling that your need to write or knit or do something is starting to fade. Even as the ideas keep bouncing around inside your head. You attempt to write something against all urges but only crap comes out. You huff and growl as you push further.

And then you hear music. Your leg taps to the beat of the music. Your head bobs to the tune, and your singing.

The urge you have to write is now pushed down so far you have no idea where it is, and you don’t care. You jump up out of your seat and you start to head outside. But then, cause you’re like me, you see something on tv. OUTLANDER is playing, and you must must watch it. Outside be damned!

Five hours later you realize…oh crap I have no umph to do anything creative.


So, what do you do? How do you get yourself back on that pony and get motivated?

Well, the first thing you should do is step away from your desk. Perhaps the reason you were easily distracted was because you were getting a bit burned out. Don’t panic that is okay. Stretch, go outside. Relax your brain!

Come back when you feel refreshed. Once you are there set the mood. If that doesn’t work then you need to see if you space is everything you want it to be. Check out Dream Space   or check out this blog Stylist . Of course if you’re bit on a budget and none of these links work for you then check out this.

Once you have a designated area, that you really enjoy, then more than likely you will find that motivation.

Fix yourself your favorite drink and if that isn’t doing then grab a great bottle of beer, wine, whatever tickles your fancy. Put on some classical music and mediate. Let go of the day, of the stress and the deadlines. Let go. Take a breath and let it out.

Once you have done that let the ideas come out. Don’t force them! Otherwise they will never come!

If none of these are the reason why you can’t sit and write then perhaps you are doing it at the wrong time! Pick a time during the day or night where you can really get to it. You should be at your most creative, your most relaxed and your most happiest! I happen to write when ever the mood strikes, and that tends to be more at night. The less I have to stop what I am doing to deal with the baby the better off I am! Plus television is off, the husband is in bed the phone has stopped ringing and there are no chores to do.

When all else fails grab your favorite book and read your little heart out. I find I get motivated when I am reading a wonderful book, or when I watch the sweetest movies.

So there you go, Motivation is a state of mind. One you have to build up and nurture. What are some of the ways you stay motivated? What do you think keeps you going when you want to walk away from your work space?


Stay tuned later this week I’ll be posting part three of writing a Series or Saga!



2 thoughts on “Staying Motivated-Even when you feel like dancing

  1. Hi I’m new to blogging and your post has really helped me. Sometimes I just stare blankly at the keyboard and have no idea where to start. Or sometimes I’m on a roll and then the story leads to nowhere causing me to end the post too abruptly. I think you are right about creating the mood. When my daughter is asleep and my partner is occupied is the best time. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely be reading more of your posts 😊


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