Writing a Series Part 2

As promised here is part two of writing a series, saga or sequel. Now, in this post we will talk about the dramatic foundation for your story. Depending on what you have planned for your character will determine what kind of direction you will head in.

Writing a Series, Saga or Series Part 2.jpg

For instance, if your character is going to go through some emotional changes, personality changes, or any kind or changes at all then you will need to outline your heart out. You will need to know the challenges your character faces in order to get them through it, over it or under it. Outlining will help you prepare your character and yourself. You do not have to hash out EVERY last detail of what your character is going to go through but you do want to have a good solid “foundation”. You want a clear “character arc”.

A character arc is simply the transformation or journey that you put your character through, I mean the journey your character naturally choose, of course. 🙂 Remember to have a well rounded character there has to be good and bad changes that happen.

For instance, and I’m only using this because I just finished this series so it is fresh in my mind, a character named Monica is afraid she is going to loose the love of her life so she makes a deal with his father in order to help her murder someone for their heart. Throughout the book Monica is a model person who believes in telling the truth, and just being a good person. However, she changes when she is desperate and scared. Thus why she contemplates murder.  Now from here she goes through all sorts of scenarios, all of them with her ending up in jail but she doesn’t care.


What kind of character you  create will help you decide what kind of dramatic arc your story will take. Take this opportunity to explore and really dig deep on the type of person you want to create! This is the fun part of writing! (ONE OF)

No matter what you do to your character, they  can go through a negative change, or a positive change. It just depends on your story. Now that you have figured out your characters transformation it is now time for you to sketch out your plot.

UGH, I know semantics.

As you go through your character’s struggle, again,  make sure you detail every thought, every emotion and every deed. The stronger you detail and the strong tension the better your book will be. Sounds easy right? Ha! Right now I feel like slamming my head against a wall! But stay with me if certain authors-who shall not be named-can come up with a series then so can I. And so can YOU!


So now that I have wrapped your brain into a twisted little knot I am going to leave you here. This is going to be a three part post, only because I think some reflection needs to be done here. And because if you are like me, you need to uncross your eyes!

Fear not! We shall get through this together!

In the next post I will be adding a free checklist to help you outline your dramatic transformation, until then keep writing!




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