Writing a Series, Saga, or…Sequel..


First and foremost I must apologize for not posting last week. Sadly, there were some unforeseen circumstances. ie: sick baby and sick mommy!

To make up for last week I will be posting a two-part post. The first is how to get started with writing a series. Sure we all love a story that continues. We love to see where our favorite characters go in their small  lives.


Some examples of my favorite series are “The Sookie Stackhouse series”, “The Parasol Protectorate”, “The All Souls Triology”, and to round out this example and to make myself cringe, “The Twilight Saga.” Having said that I will also make myself feel even dirtier by mentioning “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Mentioning all of these books, and thinking of my other favorites I suddenly really want a nice cup of something warm.


There thats better!

Now as I was saying! As may of my faithful readers know I am currently working on a book called. “Fallen.” Which to my surprise is turning into a series. As nervous and excited as I am about this I was about as lost as a rabbit trying to a elude a fox. So I did some research, and this is what I found.

To start you want to think about your character. You really want to put some thought about your main character and what kind of journey he or she will be going through. For example, there needs to be some kind of personal transformation. This could be the transforming of their personality, beliefs or heart.  All of this happens throughout the series. Think “Harry Potter”, “The Bourne Identity”, or any of the above mentioned. Or you could follow a more traditional route and go static. Meaning your character remains unchanged throughout the series. Think “Sherlock Holmes”,  “James Bond”.

Personally, I chose  to go with the character who changes emotionally. My character is going to have to figure out a lot of things, and in order to get through it, she has to question everything and do something she hardly does, feel.

Of course, you could write your series using more than just ONE character. This type would be called Anthology.  In an anthology series ,the characters all go through changes and are linked to each other in some way.

So, now I have given you something to think about. Your character. This is the part where you will need to bust out with your outline and write out whatever you can about the kind of character you are creating. Make sure to put in as much detail about them as you can. Don’t worry if you run out of ideas, as you start writing your draft you can add things to your outline. Also, make sure you are as detailed as possible about the inner struggle your character is going to endure.


If you need help with a character outline I have one free that you can download. *a bit of advice: when working on your character or any outline make sure you set yourself a schedule. This will get  you ready for your writing schedule when you start to get all your juicy ideas out!

I would love to hear your ideas on character development, and your ideas for creating a series!

In a couple of days, I will drive deeper into the next step for writing a series. Until then Keep writing.




One thought on “Writing a Series, Saga, or…Sequel..

  1. I have always enjoyed finding a new series or coming back to an old one. I feel I am reconnecting with old friends. I have finished my first mystery and now working on second in a series and enjoying fleshing out my main characters more and adding more depth. Enjoyed the post and write-on!


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