Love that Hurts

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world.

In our short little lives we may be lucky enough to experience love, perhaps even fortunate enough to experience love more than once. Most of the time I think it is only infatuation we go through but it hurts none the less when the object of our affections suddenly stops because of a new love interest, they move away, or they die.

So when that happens, or even when it doesn’t how do you put into words the kind of pain you feel? Personally, I use many things. My own experiences and research. Here are just some of the works that I use to get me in the right state of mind.

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In New Moon, The Twilight Saga , sorry to use this as a reference, Bella is broken. After Edward leaves her she is depressed and heartbroken for months. She has nightmares of nothing. A painful hole in her heart that seems to act up when she is reminded of Edward.


Another point of reference for me is P.S. I love you.  I thought the main character Holly Kennedy was a mess through out the entire book. Already a flighty character, she was unable to pick of the pieces of her broken heart without assistance from her dead husband.


Lets see I think another good painful journey would be that of the character Dexter in One Day.Through out his journey  he was dealing with the death of his mother, being an alcoholic, the loss of his marriage and youth. Until he finally realizes the love of his life is Emma. Then after a terrible accident he loses her. The spiral he goes down is horrible!



Those are just a few examples that I often turn to, and of course I use music to assist me when I can’t seem to get the feelings I am looking for. What I am interested in is how would do you inspire yourself to get such rough emotions out? Do you fall back on what you experienced or do you seek it else where?

How deep do you actually go? Do you get overly dramatic about it like in Twilight?  Or are you more crumbling like in One Day?  I’d love to hear how you break your character’s hearts! Until next time!!

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