Making stuff up about Supernatural Creatures.

So I’m working on a supernatural creature and I’ve been doing some research online. Though what I found leads me in circles. I know that most of what I am reading has derived from folk lore or some kind of legend. But do you need to use it verbatim? Or is it possible to alter the legend?


For instance Stephanie Meyer made her vampires sparkle. Her vampires were also able to come out at night, and they never slept. A far cry from the original legend. In addition to her version of vampires they didn’t have fangs. They were equipped with venom, which if the victim’s heart didn’t stop beating then they too became a vampire.

Edward sparkling.jpg

Another author’s vampires were once angels that fell and as punishment they transformed into vampires. I am not really sure on the author but I also think that another version is vampires came from out of space…interesting.

Even zombies were altered! In iZombie they are functioning beings, with no taste buds. The only way they taste stuff is if it is blazing hot. Oh and they stay normal as long as they eat brains.


So what other variations are there? Can you make something that used to belong to one group belong to another? For instance an Incubus. Legend has it that these creatures are sex demons that feed off the soul of their partners. They are believed to be fallen angles or “skin walking” demons. I even read somewhere that they were a different kind of offspring of a fallen angel. So does this deviate from the Nephilim theory?

My guess is that you can take the background of any creature and make it your own. As long as you back it up with any kind of evidence or unquestionable reason. Right?

I am interested in knowing what creatures you created and what your take is on deviating from the stereotypical supernatural creature.  Right now any insight or advice would do me a world of good. And who knows you might help someone else out!


11 thoughts on “Making stuff up about Supernatural Creatures.

      1. Well I’m mainly into like mythology and mythical creatures and stuff like that. I love reading legends that are like hundreds to thousands of years old. Most of the fiction I like is just fantasy like Richard Knack’s dragon realm saga and some other stuff like that. As far as the supernatural goes I love almost any movie, novel, or tv show that has strange creatures in it. My favorite is the x files


  1. Supernatural creatures are just supposed to have traits that humans don’t or be a personification of something too taboo maybe to be spoken about in human context, so in that sense you can make them largely what you want within what is commonly thought of them. Well, that’s my opinion anyway!


  2. I’m writing a supernatural novel which centers around angels/demons. I don’t want the stereotypical angel with big, flashy wings and are beautiful and kind. Where as the demons are always deformed and ugly with terrible personalities (which I’m keeping.) It’s been rather difficult to reimagine angels, especially since they have been written about so often and have even appeared in well known movies and TV shows (supernatural.)


    1. I agree with you, though I enjoy the versions on Supernatural. The angels are innocent and sheltered where as the demons are sexy and full of experience. I understand not wanting the big wings. The only thing I can think of is either having them cut off or keeping them black as they are in Supernatural. I kind of like the dark wings, after all not all angels are “innocent” (think of Michael)


      1. Michael is my main Angel in the book I’m writing. I’m taking an Orthodox standpoint on Angels in that they don’t have wings but are implied because of their swiftness. I’m also creating a different physic than what is normally portrayed and I think that it’s coming a long well.


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