6 Writing Habits To Get You Writing


I like to think of myself as an organized writer. Ha ha that is funny. I have so many journals and note cards all over my house. Then there is my purse, which holds a journal, a kindle and several pens. Cause one is not enough!

That is one habit that I have when it comes to writing. I have many many more! I think it is important to have some kind or ritual or routine in order to keep things going. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping things fresh or my imagination in check. Keeping a routine is a way for me to do just that. Here are few things that I do.

1.Set the mood…

I like having candles, books and some sort of ale. Sometimes I reach for wine but really more times then not I grab a really dark beer. I have to have certain types of music. For me I use Spotify and listen to the radio. I select songs that seem to stand out and relate to what I am writing. Essentially I create a soundtrack. For example you can check out my previous post Music for Writing.  ( I do not get paid by Spotify! I just really enjoy them so if I mention them a lot that is why)

2.Get comfortable.

As I discussed in a previous post a  Reading Space is where I go. Sometimes though I need to just plop down where I stand and that might be at the kitchen table or the couch. Either way it is somewhere I like to be.Again in my previous post Reading Space yes please I talk about how to create a space. I think surrounding yourself with your favorite things is vital. That is how you feel at ease and comfortable!

3.Tell Everyone to leave you alone

For me this is a hard one. I have two kids, one of them only eight months. I literally have to schedule my writing around his sleeping times. though I would love to see his face if I ever told him to leave me alone! ha! Typically I coordinate with my husband and squeeze in as much time as I can. Most of the time the magic writing happens on the weekend!

4. Bring all your supplies to where you are writing.

There is nothing more annoying than having to keep getting up to get something. Again my time is very limited (remember eight month old baby!) so I make sure that I have everything I need. Journals, pens, laptop, charger, kindle-for music, note cards, and something to drink. If the husband is home and he is on baby duty then a beer! (by the way I do most of my writing at night, after working all day. OH and I don’t drink alcohol when I am taking care of the baby, which most of the time I am.)

5. Get started, don’t stop. Please…don’t stop!

Keeping writing until you are finished. Purge baby purge. Don’t worry about misspellings, or wrong word (blew, blue). Just get it out! It is important to get everything out. Keep the ideas coming…(Giggity!)

6. Edit the next day…or sober..or when the baby is fast asleep.

Wait to edit your work. When you look at it with fresh eyes then you are more alert! At least I am. I also sometimes download my work on my Kindle and have the text to talk read it to me. Sometimes hearing things helps the editing process.


These are examples of my writing routine, I hope these tips help you become more efficient. Please pick and choose from my list as needed, but make sure you use your imagination and expand on what I have. Also,make sure to share your tips in the comments below! They may help me or some else!





3 thoughts on “6 Writing Habits To Get You Writing

  1. I love this guide! I’m always looking for ways to motivate my writing, I just think my number one problem is not even having the self control to turn on my self control app! But I do think page blockers help! Thank you for the tips!

    – Alexa


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