Dream Reading Space..Yes Please!


Reading Space.jpg

I think it is absolutely important to have your own space, even when you have little ones. A quiet place where you can gather your thoughts or knit is something that I feel is a special treat. Sometimes I enjoy the lack of conversation, or the  quietness. I look forward to listening to the strange house noises that always seems to occur when I turn the television off and start to read. Regardless of where I am, I have to have a few of my favorite things. So in my dream reading space here are the things I must have. 

In my reading space I absolutely have to have my little knickknack of a little girl and boy kissing. I got mine from the Netherlands, but I am more than sure you can get one online. I also have my collection of bells. When I travel I always bring back a bell with me. I know weird but I swear it is my inner aristocratic trying to come out! The next thing I need is a nice comfortable chair!

sofas_armchairs__Living_room_sofas_armchair_vn_160x160.gif I got mine from IKEA, though I am sure there are other more comfortable ones out there. In addiction to my chair I must have my favorite throw, or some kind of cozy blanket. I like to have a knitted afghan that my husband’s aunt made us as a wedding present.


You can download this copy here or you can search for patterns on Amazon.

A few additional items that I like to have in my reading and sometimes writing space is a rug, a few of my favorite pictures. Most of the time I do not have pictures of my loved ones hanging around. I don’t know why but I feel those are best for the photo albums, not the walls. So instead I have pictures of flowers or London, or France. (I am currently looking for pictures of Germany! )

Another thing I need to be surrounded my books. A just few of my favorites are below. Please don’t judge!

Harry Potter books 1-7 by Jk Rowling

Twilight books 1-4 by Stephaine Meyer

One Day-by David Nicholls

Soulless books 1-5 by Gail Carriger

Discovery of Witches 1-3 by Deborah Harkness

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Emma By Jane Austen

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

 Fatal Puzzle(Zons Crime Novel) by Catherine Shepherd

Shop books here!

All of these things get me into the zone for reading, and writing. Which often goes hand in hand. How is your reading space set up? Do you have one? If not where do you like to read? There is nothing wrong with sitting in your living room while the rain slams against your window or reading in a park. Where ever you read it is what you make of it!

6 thoughts on “Dream Reading Space..Yes Please!

  1. Well, I am with you on this. There is nothing better than ending my day in my favorite chair. When I was a kid and adults would say “that is my chair” I thought that they were nuts. Now, I so get it.


  2. Usually when I read or write I do so in my bed with the door closed, and when I write I like having a notebook near me, a pen and pencil and my headphones with music on. The headphones and music is also for when I read, somehow makes me concentrate and understand what I’m reading a bit better.


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