Preview Alison’s Man Of Mystery

Here is a preview of Alison’s Man Of Mystery.

Later this week I am going to be posting some more of my short story “The Lost One.” So be sure to stay tuned!! Until then enjoy and remember Alison’s Man Of Mystery is available on Amazon!

Preivew of


Russia November 2006

Alison was sitting with Simon, Greg , Fred and Roger watching them all take shots. They were playing some game called Have you ever. Alison was probably the most sober at the table and Simon was probably the drunkest. In fact Simon was so drunk he was having a hard time not swaying in his chair. Chip joined them after he finished his cigarette, Roger and his girlfriend Rowan were laughing among themselves. Fred was slumped over on the table with his head pressed against the surface. Greg pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and began to smoke. Alison wanted a cigarette, she had been off of heroin and other drugs for some time now but she loved smoking while she was drinking even though she really thought it was gross.

Simon was mean mugging her with one eye closed and one eye trying to focus hard on her. She didn’t want to laugh but a small giggle erupted from her lips. His forehead was covered in a layer of sweat and he smelled an awful lot like cavasia. Cavasia was the chaser they were drinking after they slammed their purple jerks.

“Alison Penelope Sawyer.” He slurred out.

“Simon Jason Page.” she giggled, definitely feeling the affects from her shots now.

“ I’m going to find out what kind of kinky shit you’ve done and I will make you drink more than five shots.”

“Ask away Si.” She smiled wickedly.

Simon held his hands up almost like he was trying to show he had nothing under his rolled up plaid sleeves. The other boys continued what they were doing which was not looking at Simon and Alison. Rowan was nibbling on Roger’s neck while he was running his fingers through her hair. Then she whispered something in his ear and he smiled wickedly.

“Have you ever.” Simon started. “dreamt about a band mate.”

Alison took a shot of her purple jerk, she then squinted her face in pain right afterward. After the sweetness subsided she announced she wasn’t going to name names but she blushed when she looked back to Simon.

“Have you ever cheated on Josh?”

Josh was her current boyfriend, and right now their relationship was pretty rocky. He was back in Ireland running his pub while she was bouncing all over Europe with Man Of Mystery. He had wanted to get married but Alison didn’t see herself with him, she needed to think about it and that was where things were.

She looked around the table who was now looking at her for some kind of answer. Sure there was some talk that she had been seeing some other guy while she was seeing Josh, but she wanted to keep that as just talk. So she shook her head slowly from side to side and requested a new question.

“Have you ever wanted to cheat on Josh?” Roger asked.

Rowan began to run her long elegant fingers along the curve of Alison’s back. Which sent a chill of excitement through her; Alison had never been attracted to girls. Sure she kissed one or two but Rowan was different. Rowan was beyond beautiful she was exotic and intoxicating. Everyone was attracted to Rowan. With her dark raven hair and deep ocean blue eyes, and skin as smooth and soft as silk. Alison turned her attention back to Simon who was now looking at her with both brown eyes. His expressions were unreadable but she could tell he was more than curious about her answer. Slowly Alison reached out and picked up her shot sitting in front of her and slammed it back.

Simon chuckled under his breath. This had been the second time in a week he had been flirting with her. In fact she had to admit that she felt a spark between them when he stayed with her while everyone else went to some party littered with drugs. She had been surprised that Simon a fellow drug user himself had decided he didn’t need to go out and stayed with her. He admitted to her that he himself had been trying to get clean. He was going on two months being sober.

“Alison.” Rowan said her name in almost a whisper.

Alison turned her attention away from Simon towards Rowan. Rowan pressed her lips against Alison’s running her fingers through her hair and holding her in place. Roger moved forward kissing the skin on Rowan’s bare shoulder. Alison was taken back and didn’t know what to do. In fact she stiffened, with her back straight and her hands in her lap.

Simon ran his hand along Alison’s back, and she began to panic. What was going on? Her eyes were wide open and her chin was now pointing up towards the ceiling as Rowan began kissing along the curve of Alison’s neck.

“I want you Alison.” She whispered.


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