Free Download! Social Media Checklist!


Social media Checklist

If you are anything like me you NEED checklists or some kind of guide for social media. Social media is hard to manage, especially when you are just the only one working on your brand. So the one thing that I found that seems to help is to give myself lists so I don’t forget anything! 

You will find all over the internet things that you need to do in order to get followers or readers or whatever. I however will not be giving you any advice on that because I feel you need to earn those readers! If you just go out there to get follows just to have them you really don’t have followers. You have what I like to call an empty follower. So please read other people’s blogs, generally read their stuff. Make real comments and for the love of all that is holy share!!!

Pay if forward my friends and remember you are representing your brand! So download my little checklist that I created. I hope that it helps, and if you find something better or you can improve what I have please let me know!


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