Bonus Post..Sneak Peak AMOM

Bonus Post: Sneak Peak of “Alison’s Man Of Mystery” 



Walking towards the glass windows leading her to the outside world she noticed a man wearing a suit and dark sunglasses holding a sign up with what looked like her last name. So she turned her head angling it so she could see it better. Alison Sawyer, she read. Reluctantly, because she thought it was a joke, she pulled her luggage behind her and headed towards the sign. She smiled shyly at the man in the suit showing him her driver’s license. He smirked then tilted his head towards a black tinted Town Car parked behind him. He took her luggage out of her hand, noting her soiled clothing then opened the back door for her. At first she thought about peering inside to make sure she wasn’t going to be bombarded by silly string or whatever her friends would throw at her, but she didn’t talk to anyone anymore. Not since she left for rehab.

Alas sitting in the corner on the other side was her friend Simon. He remained friends with her through the best and the worst of times. Even during her dark times he remained vigilant.

“Hurry up and get in before the paps see me.” He snapped.

Alison jumped, and quickly shut the door behind her, there weren’t going to be any pictures of her in puke clothing! She shyly looked over at her friend who she hadn’t seen in over eight months. His hair was cut shorter than he normally wore it. He used to let it hang long enough so he could comb it back but now he had it closely shaved to his head. He wore a Sublime tee shirt and some loose blue jeans with his usual DC shoes. She noted he didn’t have ear gauges in his ears anymore; in fact his ear lobes actually resembled that of a normal human. Covering his warm brown eyes he wore sunglasses, explaining he was nursing a nasty headache. She nodded without asking any more questions.

“Thanks for picking me up. I actually thought Dick sent me a car.” she laughed.

He eyed her with pursed lips. “I am so very glad that someone threw up on you while wearing that horrible ass shirt.”

Alison narrowed her eyes at him. She happened to have been wearing one of her favorite Beastie Boys tee shirt. What the man had against the Beastie Boys she still didn’t know. In the world of hip hop and just life in general the Beastie Boys were the greatest musical artists since Mozart! She snorted. “One day you will have to tell me what your beef with the Beastie Boys is all about.”

“My beef?” he laughed. “Where the heck have you been hanging out?”



Alison’s Man Of Mystery is available for Pre-Order!

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