WTF I can cuss in French!

Nothing pleases me more than cussing. I do not know why but cussing makes me feel as though I have  expressed myself in such a liberating way. In polite conversation though, I find it is a bit tacky. So what I end up doing is learning how to cuss in different languages.


The only cuss word I know in German is Scheiße, though when I say it you know exactly what I am saying. I know a lot of cuss words in Spanish but so do a lot of people. So what is a girl to do when her lips are tingling with need to express herself like a dirty girl?

Turn to the French!

Why not? The French language sounds so lovely even when you are telling someone off, well that depends on your tone! However, you could just pass that off as being passionate!

So here are some words that you should learn so you can sound classy why you cuss. Like me, who cusses like a sailor.

  1. Merde (Maird)- this means shit in English. This one is wonderful because it can be used in ANY situation!
  2. Va te faire foutre-delicious and vulgar the way I like it. Translation Go fuck yourself. HA HA!! Perfect for traveling.
  3. Fils de pute pronouced feece deh poot-Translation Son of a Slut..lolz or Whore.
  4. Putain-my favorite cause it is very close to the Spanish Cuss word Puto. Translation Whore. VERY RUDE!
  5. Salaud-This one for anyone who either doesn’t have a father or is just a jerk. Translation Bastard. I’m sure this is tossed around ALOT!! (Pronouced Sa-lowd)
  6. Enculer-Love this one as well. My lips are tingling just thinking about it. Translation Fuck. You could say Enule to really bring it home, translation Fuck you..
  7. Zut (Zoot) This is when you don’t want to be impolite. Translation Darn. Good for traveling around other French people, so as to not make an ass out of yourself.
  8. Ferme ta  bouche-I heard this one A LOT growing up. It means close your mouth. Can be used in place of Shut up. Or as a Friend on Instagram pointed out (@jai2amours ferme ta gueule! (gueule being the mouth for animals) which is ruder) Thanks again @jai2amours!! Check out her blog here
  9. Zut alors – I heard this one growing up a lot. I guess my mom and grandmother didn’t want to be bad influences. HA HA, this means Shucks.
  10. Vouz avez plein de merde – One of my favorites, especially when someone is pulling your leg. Translation, You are full of shit


There you go, now you too can go out into the world and cuss like the French. Just be prepared for a fist that might come your way if you happen to utter some of these words at someone. Remember French is one of the most common languages spoken through out the world so chances are you will run into someone who will understand you. So use wisely!




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