Research for Writing

My latest project has given me a lot to think about. Apparently, I like to have things over flowing on my plate and I like to add on complications. Currently I am editing a project set to be released later in March, but I have been distracted.

Research for Writing

While working on my new project I have realized that I can not make up a ton of things as I normally have in the past. I have to do research. Which by the way had me jumping up and down with excitement. Cause hello, I LOVE READING!!

The one question that I am sure comes to mind for just about everyone is, “Where do I start?”

The obvious answer is that you could do a quick google search on your topic. For instance I am working on a WWII piece. Anyone who has taken a simple History class should know that this topic is multi layered. Aside from the obvious fighting, starving and killing there was a lot going on. So in this instance doing a google search on WWII would be drastic. You have to hone in on a certain issue that occurred during that time. So when you approach your handy Google machine you type in a “subject”. In my case I’m writing about the French Resistance. So I Googled that.

Of course there is a plethora of things to fish through. And please for the love of all that is literary and holy do not use Wikipedia!!!!!!!!!

I ended up using even more subject specific sites. I am using sites that have to do with the French occupation,  and the rations. The other research that I am working with are non-fiction books regarding undercover work of the French Resistance and the Occupation. The amount of information that you learn is astounding and I am sad that I can not put in all of it. On thing that I stumbled upon, that I probably forgot about, was the Vichy Government. Had I not done my research this important part would have been left out of my story, and that could have made my work of fiction utter crap.

That is why we do research, to make sure that the work of fiction makes sense when it is placed around an actual historical even. Seriously, it is true. If it wasn’t can you imagine Titanic with lasers? Or I don’t know 747 airplanes picking up the survivors? Maybe if you were writing a science fiction thing or time broke…


I would to hear the sources you use when you do your research. What are some of the ways you filter your topic so you are not bombarded with the task? Leave a comment, I’d love to steal your ideas. I mean share tips! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Research for Writing

  1. Hi Christina,

    For my blog I use Google Alerts, I can find content from different topics I’m interested about so I can make something from scratch. Also finding keywords before writing content is a great way to find some new ideas or future ideas for more content, have a good day.


    PD: Would be better to have the normal comment section, where you can write your name, website and email 🙂


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