10 Tips to Try While Sick!

To celebrate my sixth week straight cold I like to list a few things that I like to do when I am feeling seriously under the weather. Now, these things may not work for everyone but they are there for you to try.

10 tips you should try while (1)

Read a book

This is my go to no matter how I am feeling. I just love to read, and I always have a book or two that is half started.

Write, cause well why not?

I usually end up getting inspired to write something while I’m reading something else.  Especially if I am reading something super exciting. If the book is just too good to put down then of course I sacrifice writing!

Curl up on the couch with my coziest blanket and complain

This is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I just do it to see if I can get someone to do things for me. I love when my love ones bring me stuff. (water, tea, coffee,etc)

Binge watch any period pieces. “Pride and Prejudice”, “North and South”, “Becoming Jane”, “The White Queen”..the list goes on..

When things are really bleak, and I can not stop sneezing. Which makes it difficult to wear my glasses, and makes my kindle kind of gross, I turn to the the television. I like to watch period pieces because they keep my attention. Anything else and I’m out of the count.(Except Friends, but alas my sinuses hurt so no laughing!)

Soak in my tub like a Greek Goddess

This is my time to really live the life of luxury. I mean like Kardashian status. I bust out with the salts, the bubbles, the candles and my super soft towels. Normally I do not like taking baths but when I’m sick I  push my inner Chandler Bing down and hop into that tub! (Must be a “Friends” Fan to understand that…Season 8 episode 13 “The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath”)

Take a serious nap, cause there isn’t any other kind worth taking

This is when I relish in naps. I have a seven month old baby. (I’m just going to let that sink in)

On any normal given day I do not have time to take a nap! However, when you are sick should get plenty of rest. So the one time I have opportunity to take naps is when I am sick, and believe you me I take full advantage of that nap! (thanks husband!)

Read undiscovered authors on Wattpad

I am an undiscovered/struggling/wannabe/whatever other adjective you can think of author. One of the things that I feel is my duty (Giggity) is to pay it forward. I read most of these stories for inspiration but also to see what is popular. I also give little reviews and vote-which is important!

(by the way read my stories on Wattpad! #shamelesshustle)

Drink something warm

As I mentioned above I looooove being waited on! I honestly believe I was super wealthy in my past life. I mean so wealthy I didn’t have to dress myself!  I usually get the husband to make me a nice cuppa of warm tea, or decaf coffee. (Why the f*** decaf? Well, its simple I can’t sleep when I’m sick so decaf all the way baby!)

Wear my coziest Pajamas

Now is not the time to be running around in your pretty lacy things you bought one year from Victoria’s Secret because you were feeling adventurous. Especially if you are on East Coast or in the Pacific Northwest like I am, hello its cold! Girl cover up those bits, the paparazzi isn’t going to come rushing into your house! (By the way I use the paparazzi as an excuse to look fabulous at the airport, you  never know when you might accidentally photo bomb a celebrity! I refuse to have my five minutes of utter and complete fame be ruined because I looked like a banshee!) This is a time to be relaxed and to let that gut hang out. Don’t pretend like you don’t have one!

Order some Panera, and have husband pick it up. 

I need soup. Period. Oh and I’m French so I require at least three to four maybe five servings of bread a day! So that is why I have Panera.


I hope you find some of my tips to be helpful. I’d love to know what you like to do while you are sick, and if you try some of my tips please let me know how they worked out for you!

One thought on “10 Tips to Try While Sick!

  1. These are amazing 😉 I can definitely relate to this and you genuinely made me smile… I love to watch old movies while being sick – my mum did that with me when I was a child and now I can’t get off that habit 😉

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