Ways to get you and your Characters in the MOoD

So you have reached that point in your writing where either your characters do it or they don’t. If it makes sense to the story, and there is time by all means let you characters get it on! But what do you do to get yourself in the mind frame to even write such a scene? And how nasty/graphic do you want to be?


Ways to get you and your Chather (1)

Here are some tips that I use in order to get things started for my characters.

  1. Set the Mood

This part is mostly for you. Get yourself in a room where you can not be disturbed. This is after all serious writing. If drawing the curtains get you in a better mind set for salacious wiring then do it. If you need light, cause you like to see then open those curtains. If you do not have a window then simply turn on a bright light. Get comfortable! Wear something that isn’t going to pinch, or squeeze, or poke. Maybe wear pajamas. Whatever makes you feel good.

2. Get inspired

This is for you to get into the zone. Read a naughty book! Sometimes I like to read Fifty Shades of Grey before I do any naughty writing. If I am really feeling the need to get the mind ready for lovin then I read a Silvia Day book, The Crossfire Series works nicely!

3. Listen to tunes.

Music is a great way to get inspired for any scene. Whether its creating a fight scene in a Russian bath house or two frustrated lovers in need of sweet release, music is there. Here are some songs that I use to get things kicked off.

Partition by Beyonce-With lines like “hand prints and good grips all on my ass”, seriously how could you not get in the mood.

Breathe on Me by Britney Spears- I always have a Britney song somewhere. This one gets it going with the tempo, the breathy lyrics and things being said like “don’t stop cause I’m half way there”.

Chains by Nick Jonas-I know I’m surprised by this choice! I was never a Jonas fan until I met Nick. NAUGHTY NICK! “Alone in the night ’till she knocks on my door”.

Jealous by Nick Jonas-another good one. This one is good for serious tension, come one with lines like “Everyone wants a taste.” how can you go wrong?

Bloodstream by Stateless-this is more for the sweet love. You know the kind, the all consuming love. With lines like “I think I might’ve inhaled you.” and “You’ve gotten into my bloodstream.

Last but not least is by Bruno Mars. This song just does it every time and you should use this song when you really need to get the words out! Gorilla. Seriously with lyrics like”cause you know how i like it use a dirty little lover,” you will be writing all kinds of naughtiness.


4. Don’t over analyze it!

Just get the words out! Don’t read them over and over. Just write anything you can as you go, let your imagination get the cleanse that it deserves. When you are finished, and probably after you finish your cigarette. (Cause you should be hot by now) then you can re read it. Edit it while it is still fresh. Seriously you will laugh as you go through it. Words that you know how to spell become something else. Words like lick become cklic.


One key piece of advice is to have fun with it! Enjoy it and remember that if it does nothing for you then it probably won’t do anything for someone else. An easy way for you to test that is to have someone you REALLY trust take a look, if they look at you with a silly grin then you know that you are golden. I would love to hear how you get yourself and your characters in the mood.


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