Children and Mental Health

Children and

Very few causes actually capture my attention. Ever since my own diagnosis of anxiety and depression, did I realize that I was not alone and the signals were there for me to see. There is a plethora of information out there regarding mental illnesses that it makes you wonder why someone, like myself, didn’t read any of it.

Well, I’ll tell you why. I didn’t realize I was depressed. Nor did I realized that I was riddled with debilitating anxiety.

The one person who has made an impact on this matter for me, which also affects another family member of mine, is Kate Middleton. The amount of attention that she can bring to any cause is incredible. I know she is an educated woman, and wants to contribute much more to the world than just her fashion sense. Case in point, her causes. No matter what she is wearing she manages to make sure that her causes are front and center. She will have a special place in my heart for choosing this particular cause, Children and Mental Illness.

What is mental illness in children?Good question and I’m going to answer that.

Mental illness in children can range from ADD to ADHD. Of course this also includes anxiety, depression, Bipolar, OCD, Autism and others. Many of these obviously you don’t think affect kids, anxiety and depression for example. Yet they do. I personally did not realize that my entire childhood had been riddled with anxiety and depression. I dealt with issues that I was not equipped to handle.

Many of these issues will continue as the child grows leading which may be the cause of substance abuse. More of this information can be found here on Children Mental Health.

Kate Middleton and others who are working to help children with mental issues want to help children dealing with mental illness. It is important to start life happy, and healthy.

I would have honored Kate Middleton as someone I admire but I think she deserves much more than that. She is passionate about a cause I myself care very much about. It is a horrible thing to endure as an adult, that I can only imagine what it is like for a child to try and deal with mental illness.


Image Credits Here with article-The Mirror

Here is a video from the Daily Mail, where the Duchess herself talks about the cause. In addition to her doing a public announcement she also is guest editing on the Huffington Post.

More articles regarding this amazing campaign can be found here:

International Business Times

Also be sure to check out her guest editing at the Huffington Post UK 


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