Why I never let go..Jack



Flash back to 1998, Titanic has just come out and it is AWESOME!!!! My love affair for both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winselt blossomed like a new flower bud in the spring.

I have been watching Leo since his Growing Pains days and Kate Winselt since I first saw her in 1995’s Sense and Sensibility. (Also my first Jane Austen story).

Fast forward to when Leo’s character Jack is in the water and Rose(Winslet) is on the door. I figured she was going to let him on the damn door. She had to, he was the love of her life! Well, no she didn’t, and I was so mad at her I literally refused to see anything she did after that. I felt like a jilted lover!

Honestly, I didn’t stay too mad at her because a few years later I was back on her band wagon.

Flash to now!

That was all until she admitted, ROSE LET JACK DIE!! If you check out theGuaridan, you will see her actually admit it! There was room on the door! VoxCulture said it best when they said, “Clearly, Rose let Jack die. Jack could have made it, and they could have had “lots of babies” and “watched them grow.” And someday James Cameron will pay for this.”

This is the closure I have been looking for the last eighteen years! (I just really aged myself here!) Up until that moment I haven’t been able to move past the horrible death of poor Jack Dawson. So I held my promise..ERR Rose’s promise… to never let go.

Having said that, and now swinging around to my point,  I have been holding my breath for Leo to finally nab his little gold Oscar dude. Each movie I have seen him in has always made me believe this was his year!

Then we come to 2008 when Kate and Leo star in Revolutionary Road. She wins an Oscar for The Reader and poor little Leo is once again left out!

For me, and I can only imagine what is like for DiCaprio, its like that moment in Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol”, when poor Robert “Bob” Cratchit asks, nay begs, Scrooge for Christmas Day off and you hold your breath because you just know he is going to say NO!

I am most defiantly being super overly dramatic when I say that I have been through the ups and downs of EVERY nomination that Leo has had. I don’t know how this has happened but he has become the male Susan Lucci! Always nominated never a winner!

So for this year, I hold tight to the faith that this will be his year. The Revenant literally has to be one of his best performances.  He just gives so much to his work that you can not help but wonder is Leonardo DiCaprio on his way to legendary status? Is he now in the  same categories as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Daniel Day Lewis? I say yes!

It is because of his continued growth as an actor, and deeply involved performances that I hold vigilant for that Oscar. I don’t care if he only dates 23 year old models, and would never ever look my way cause I’m only five foot two, I LOVE him! I mean I respect him, as an actor.

These,my sweets, are the reasons why I never let go, and why my heart did go on!

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