Using a Journal for your Novel

Using a journal to organize your novel is very useful, and I highly recommend it. I personally use a large spiral notebook. I add tabs to the notebook from A-Z, this way I can hash out character bios. I sometimes enter this information into OneNote, so when I am at the library or sitting at a coffee shop I can just bring along my laptop. I also like to use large notecard so I can have them at the ready for me one a corkboard. I create a storyboard, so I can visually see how the story is going along. You can use an actual corkboard or you can create one on Scrivener. If you do not have that program follow the link here: Scrivener

Another thing you can use your notebook for is research. I know I said that before but it works! You can create a family tree or even back stories. Again I suggest transferring your work to Word, or if you have it, Scrivener. This helps to expand on your ideas and keep them organized.
I know it is easier to use software to take the place of the notebook, however if you are like me, you like to write some things out before you actually type them.
Another good use for your notebook would be to brainstorm scenes or outline chapters. I like to put websites that I find useful into my OneNote, this way my bookmark on my browser doesn’t get overloaded.
You may think about using your notebook/journal to make a writing schedule. Using the notebook this way you can set up weekly to do list. I love creating mine in my Google Calender. I’ll talk more about an editorial calendar next week.
Organizing tip! Buy your notebooks or journals in various colors. One for Characters, one for Certain books ie Fiction, or whatever your project needs.
Until next time, my sweets, keep writing!!
any questions or you would like to share your organization tips email me or leave a comment!

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