Mind Mapping-my cure all




If you are anything like me then your ideas for a novel come in clumps. The best thing for me to do is write the snippets of good stuff down in a journal or just sit in front of a computer and just purge. However, there are times when I cannot come up with anything. My dreams are blank, my imagination is sluggish and my creative side just takes a nap!
One thing that I do to make myself get out of a writer’s block slump is just to write. I have what I like to call a “dump story”. I read what I have written so far and then just start writing whatever I think should come next. I continue reading through it until the ideas just start coming. Usually, I end up writing for hours.
There are times, though when I need a little extra help. For that, I use what is called “mind-mapping” (see image below).




You can do anything with a mind map. What I do is head out to a public place, such as a coffee shop, and I people watch. You could then write the person you select and create something about them. For instance I see a woman with brown hair and blue eyes, she is wearing a fur coat and some ballet slippers. I notice she orders a large coffee with extra whip. I write down a name for this woman in the middle. Let us call her Rhonda. From there I just ask myself a question. What do I want to know about Rhonda? Why are people angry with Rhonda? What does Rhonda do for a living?
Once I have the question I want to ask then everything else falls into place. For instance her physical features. She has pouty red lips, long bushy brown hair. Wrinkled skin, dark brown circles under her eyes. Her cheeks are hollowed, her eyes sunken in.
I promise the rest will just flow from you.
Another way you can do it is when you want to write a particular type of story but you cannot come up with ideas. In this situation, you can use the example of the map above, which you can find on Pinterest here: Mind Mapping 
I have always found that if you ask yourself an interesting question then ideas will always follow.
Remember inspiration hits us in the most unusual circumstances and times. These are just some trick that has worked for me. I am confident they can work for you as well.
If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them! Until then my sweets, keep writing

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