Journaling and why you should


We are going to talk about notebooks today my sweets! Why? Because they can be SUPER useful!
Notebooks can be used effectively for more than just taking notes. Sure you can write random ideas, setting, quotes or even character traits but then what? How do you access them quickly? Myself, included, I’m guilty for writing something down and never using it again. So I realized, well my inner librarian screamed at me, that I should create a system. I should catalog my contents.
That could mean for some people that you should have than then one journal. Personally I have several ones that I use. I have one that I carry with me everywhere. I write down anything that comes to mind, or whatever I see that might inspire me.
For example if I think of something a character should or might say I write it down. Example of said line “I don’t want to talk about me, that’s too complicated, let’s talk about you.” Souses like a quote I want a troubled character to use, but I don’t have one yet. So I put it in my “dump “notebook. Other things can go into this journal such as ideas for blogs, short stories, articles or just any potential story.
Other examples can be events you experience through the day, or things you smell and hear. Such as trains, smell flowers, or see birds. Tec.
You can also put dreams or goals into your notebooks. Who knows maybe a character has the same dreams and goals as you do!
At the end of the day I typically go through my dumping notebook and transfer that information into other notebooks relating to that information. Examples of said notebooks are:
Notebooks full of Titles
Notebooks full of Quotes
Notebooks full of potential characters
Notebooks of experience
Really your notebooks are only as limited as your imagination! Or closet space…
Personally I do not have the closet, or bookshelf space! So I dumb all my material into OneNote.


Love, LOVE, OneNote!
I also use it for blog drafts, organizing my ideas and mind mapping when I am super stuck!
You can find some mind mapping ideas here at this website: MindMapping
Or you can just google mind mapping and you will receive a plethora of options!
Transfer also gives me the chance to develop my ideas further. The best part about OneNote is my ideas can be on one page in small groups. This helps searching for what I want. I label my ideas as well so I can easily navigate!
This is one idea on how you can use a notebook to help your writing. Tune in next week when we talk about using a larger notebook for Novels!
Until next time, try out the notebook and let me know how it works for you! Or if you already use a notebook let me know your tips! a

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