Facebook Pages you Should know!

Facebook pages you should know
Hello, my sweets. I thought today I would share with you some inspirational and useful Facebook pages you really should take a look at.
I for one do not like to go to pages that offer half-witted advice or give you nothing but spam. Nor do I like facebook pages that send you inappropriate graphic material. So trust me these facebook pages are what you need to further yourself.
One page in particular that I love is Elle and Company.

I found her to be very refreshing and educational. There is a lot of advice if you actually sit down and read what she has written in her blog. I love that she is simple and everything is easy to follow. Her advice is sound and I have to say she has inspired me to be better. Elle and Company Blog


I found her advice to be very helpful. I learned from her blog a lot about graphic design and how simple really is best.
Another facebook page you should look at is Blogging Boost.
Here you can connect with other bloggers and share your post. Mondays are designated for your post and promotions.


Last one for the day,  DYOB:blog beautiful facebook
I found this website to be very informative, and enjoyed learning new ways of making my blog my own!


So there it is a bonus post for the week. Now, what are you waiting for check out these lovely pages!

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