Blake -revamped

Something I am working on…I reworked it so if you read it on Wattpad it will be different. I hope you enjoy this version better!

Let me know what you think!

I stared out the car window watching the soggy green and brown woods pass me in a blur. It was a normal rainy day in Portland, Oregon. A regular perfect day if I had been at home in my sweats, curled up on my favorite chair and diving into my current read. Instead it was a day I rather not think about. I closed my eyes and saw the images of the angry vampire charging to me, I shivered. The false imagined images scared me worse than when it had actually happened.
Aiden, my best friend of seven years, patted my hand. I was sure he understood my reason for shivering. I pulled my dirty cardigan sweater tighter around me. Chunks of mud and wet grass fell onto my soaked jeans.
“We are almost there.” he smiled at me.
On a normal day I was not allowed to head to Aiden’s cabin. I was not even allowed by my brother to kill a vampire on my own. I did a lot of things my brother didn’t approve of.
After the death of our father I went off the deep end. At the time I was packing my bags and getting ready to head to Europe. A nagging gut feeling was drawing me there.
The day I was getting ready to leave was the day I found out he had been killed by a pack of rogue vampires.
I withdrew from life right after the funeral. Sure, I was going through the motions of school and work. I was just not interested in anything. My brother, and hunter prodigy, followed in my dad’s footsteps hunting down vampires. He left me alone a lot.
When he wasn’t around I withdrew further and when he was around I avoided him as much as I could.
He wanted me to accept my birthright and become a vampire hunter. When I flat out refused he threatened to send me to a therapist if I didn’t show improvement.
I started training with him immediately. The mere term “suck” does not apply to me, I am something much worse. Even after I met Aiden at the library and he took over my training, I remained hopeless.
The death of this rogue vampire by my hands was a bit ironic. Usually I had issues driving the stake past the first layer of skin. The many times I practice with a dead pig had been down right laughable. Aiden even had me lifting heavy weights to get my upper body strength stronger. That was not the problem. The problem was I had no desire to kill vampires. Why?
I looked over at Aiden, the one person I adored more than anything. His soft brown hair still perfect, even after hours of digging. He had been polite and went at human speed for me. His skin was smooth as porcelain and soft like velvet.
He made me laugh at all the right times, knew just when I needed a hug and was always there for me when I didn’t even know I needed him. How could anyone hate him?
“You have blood on you.” he said.
I looked down at my sweater and saw nothing but mud, then I looked at my jeans. I don’t know how I missed the dark burgundy stains on my thighs and knees. The smell of rust burst into my nose like rushing water. My stomach began to lurch towards my throat.
“Don’t worry we’re here.”
I looked up to see his familiar brown cabin. With plentiful trees surrounding the small house, and moss covering the ground like grass.  I almost burst through the backdoor. The recognizable cinnamon smells filled the kitchen and my nose as I entered.
In a normal house there would have been food spilling out of the pantry, or bread resting on the counter tops. Maybe there would be something cooking on the stove. There definitely would have been coffee brewing. Here, in Aiden’s house, there was none of that.
In the fridge you would find packs of donated blood he had gotten from the blood bank near downtown Portland. There might be a bottled water or two, something he had for me when I was here. Sometimes he would have an empty cabinet filled with my favorite snacks.
“You want to take a shower first?” he asked as he pulled one of the bags of blood from the fridge.
I didn’t mind watching him suck down the thick nectar, in fact I was often fascinated by it. But, the more I sat in my wet clothes the more I began to shiver.
I nodded my head. “I won’t be long.”
He took a long pull from his bag. “Take your time.”
I smiled as I watched as his canines slide from his gums. He took another sip of his blood and I swear his eyes rolled in the back of his head.
The hot water dripped down my freezing body like a welcomed massage. I sat under the spout just absorbing the feel of the warmth. Aiden loved a hot shower just like anyone else, maybe more so. He had tankless water heaters in his bathrooms, so there was no need for me to persevere heat.
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