Date Night!

(a very blurry picture of Portland!)

Last night was my husband’s Christmas Party. I know on a Wednesday! A little background, I have two kids. One who is only five months old and does not sleep through the night yet. I hardly get any sleep and yesterday was a hard time for me. I had to really pull some energy out of an already empty hat.
My day started with a very long day at work, followed by going to the Vital Records department to get my son’s birth certificate. Then I had to run to get my son, race home really quickly to get a bottle-cause he was hungry! Finally ending up at the Doctor’s office for his checkup and vaccines. Only to end up getting home late and having to rush to get out the door. Mind you I had to change, touch of my make up and curl my hair. UGH!! Being a girl is not that fun sometimes.
So once I finally got out of the door, and into the car we headed down the freeway straight to downtown Portland.
Finally making it to the Christmas party it was warm and packed with people. We made our way deeper into Plaza Del Toro on SE Taylor St, and immediately felt the party vibes!

(Picture is from )

The food was delicious! I wish I had pictures!  We had sliders with delicious and tender pulled pork. Teriyaki pork kebabs with pickled onions, Spanish olives, upon a few things. For dessert i chose the gingerbread cake…so deliciously moist!
Even though I really did not want to be there, and I did not want to be there, I realized more than ever why I went.
My husband.

He was so very much looking forward to going out last night. He wanted to show me off and to have a date with me. Which I must say that even after ten plus years I find that flattering.
Having just a few hours with  your spouse or partner is really important. The connection needs to be established in order to maintain your relationship, not to mention it is very healthy!
How do you “reconnect” with your partner/spouse? I’d love to hear your date ideas, and I’d love to try them out for myself!

(Downtown Portland-again sorry it is sooo blurry, I was cold 🙂 )

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